June Astrocycles 2014

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerJune entered the scene with a Cancer Moon exactly conjunct Jupiter. Mercury was also in Cancer and slowing in speed. Add Neptune, Chiron and Saturn in water signs, and we had lots of emotional content to start the month. There may have been many residual feelings around all the transformational change we’ve experienced during the Cardinal square, and we would do well to sort through them. So much water energy at the beginning of June, plus a retrograde Mercury period for the final three weeks, tells me we have the opportunity for a great deal of soul contemplation this month. Take advantage of the ease with which such work can be done.

The Moon/Jupiter conjunction at our start was still in a waning T-square with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, so the results of having to dig deep and let go of something out of our past may have left a few scars. However, the conjunction was also in a waning Grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, so we nevertheless know we are now in a better place to move forward.

The early days of the month we continued to ease into our new state of being, trying our best to be “normal” but also realizing there is a difference now in who we are. Recall the New Moon in Gemini on May 28, when it was exactly square Neptune in Pisces, which set us off on this month’s adventure in dual reality (mental Gemini versus dreamy Pisces).

On June 4, we have a Virgo Moon (also Mercury-ruled) opposed Neptune in Pisces. This allowed us to have a vision of the world from a higher vibration than before, and our capacity for looking on the bright side enlarged. The Virgo Moon acknowledged that we still have a lot of work to do, but there’s great potential for improvement, and thus a better reason for doing it.

Mercury stations retrograde at 3 degrees of Cancer at 4:57 AM PDT on Saturday June 7, and remains retrograde through the end of the month. At the moment of station, it is square the Moon in Libra and trine Neptune in Pisces. We may be asked to self-reflect, especially as it relates to our relationships. That entire weekend, as the Moon conjuncts Mars and the North Node, and the Sun squares Chiron, would be a good time to see where we might improve our ways of relating to others and how we might build bridges of healing.

It is important to remember that the entire month of June we have Mars in Libra, in direct motion, after its retrograde period, in a T-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus in the sign of Mars’ rulership will keep the attention on relationships all month, and how we can take action to improve them. Be willing to try new ways of behaving, negotiating, and yes, even having fun! Make sure you keep a balance between tending to your needs and the needs of others. Going all one direction or the other is not what is being called for.

On June 9 and 10, the Moon is in Scorpio, comes to conjunction with Saturn on the 10th, while Venus in Taurus is in waxing opposition to Saturn and trine Pluto. These aspects could bring about an inner confrontation about personal fears of insecurity and actual survival, depending on the houses where these planets are transiting. If you do find yourself experiencing some anxiety, acknowledge it, own it. Realize you are experiencing this purposefully. There may be areas where you need to make changes, where you need to find better grounding, be more practical, improve your financial status. But you must also be clear with yourself that if these are old fears, part of a pattern you’ve experienced throughout your life, then it is time to get some help letting them go. You are here, you are alive, you are growing and evolving. If your fears are an old pattern, they may be part of some past life issue that can be healed and released, so that you can put your forward movement into high gear.

We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12 at 9:11 PM PDT. There are no strong aspects to it, just a weak waning square to Chiron in Pisces and flowing aspects to the nodes. Chiron, however, is in a strong trine with Saturn in Scorpio and in a strong sextile with Venus in Taurus, further emphasizing that there are parts of us ripe for healing. A Moon in Sagittarius can give the impetus and optimism to take the next step.

The very next day, June 13, the Moon shifts into Capricorn, and at midday PDT, exactly opposes retrograde Mercury in Cancer. This will be like an emotional showdown, with us questioning just what we can do, in a practical way, to increase our emotional security. We may not be inclined to talk about it at first. However, as the Moon proceeds through Capricorn, particularly on June 14 when it conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus, sextiles Saturn, trines Venus, and then opposes Jupiter, the thoughts and feelings begin to gel. It is important to dialog with your spirit, speak truthfully with someone you can trust, or write journal-style. We have the opportunity to contact deep levels of our being, respond to the call for evolution, and integrate these different parts of ourselves into a more complete whole.

On June 17, at 3:05 AM PDT Mercury retrogrades back into Gemini, where it conjuncts the Sun. Mercury in Gemini, despite its retrograde motion, may help us to feel that our thoughts are once again more like rational thoughts, discernable from feelings, for our thoughts may have been highly influenced by our feeling nature when Mercury was in Cancer. Mercury and the Sun will remained paired in the final degrees of Gemini until the Summer Solstice.

On June 19, the Moon in Pisces will form its final square to the Sun in this monthly cycle. Because the cycle is in its waning phase, and because the Sun is conjunct the retrograde Mercury in Gemini, the Pisces Moon will be asking for a reflection upon the deeper and more dreamy parts of these past three weeks. She doesn’t just want words and ideas (Mercury/Sun Gemini); she also wants reflection, and meaning (Pisces Moon), before this cycle ends in a week, and the new one begins. It is a time for putting ideas into creative expression.

The Summer Solstice, the official start to the season of summer, and when the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, occurs at 4:00 AM PDT on June 21. We’ve all noticed the much longer days, and this is the culmination. The word Solstice means “still standing Sun.” It is the day when the Sun rises and sets at the same place on the horizon.

It would be a great time, during this peak of the annual “light,” for us all to celebrate what has been worked through, and completed, during these last few seasons.

Much of the world celebrates, and has celebrated from the pre-Christian era, the holiday of Midsummer and Midsummer’s Eve. It is always around the time of the Summer Solstice, but not necessarily on that day or eve. It may be any date from June 20 to the 25th depending on the culture. There are many variations on the celebrations, but most include a belief that plants with healing powers are strongest at this time of year, so need to be harvested. There is a need for fires/bonfires to ward off negative spirits; and there are special foods (and drink) to be shared with a community.

My personal favorite idea of Midsummer is that vital energy is elevated in plants, trees, the animals and the earth itself, that nature spirits are out and about, and magic is alive on the land! We can journey to the forest, to the shore, to the mountain. We can allow the magic of nature to renew our spirits! One caveat: if you are in drought-affected areas, skip the fire part! Imagine the fire of your spirit instead!

As the month of June winds down, we have Venus leaving her sign of Taurus, and entering Gemini on June 23. The Moon conjuncts Venus on June 24, emphasizing sharing of information and communication in relationships. That same day, Mars exactly opposes Uranus, an aspect that has been building for the entire month. Mars being in Libra adds to the focus on relationships. And Uranus says, “ I need to break out of old ways of behaving. I want more freedom to be ME.” Despite Mars being in Libra and Libra seeking harmony, don’t expect all the changes to be harmonious. They rarely are.

These would be days to take some time to work off any excess energy, but NOT in a physically risky activity. Mars and Uranus in hard aspect can be volatile, we can be quick to anger, argumentative, and accident prone. Try dancing like no one is looking!

The New Moon in Cancer arrives on June 27 at 1:08 AM PDT. A new cycle begins. The Moon is in a wide opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, and in a trine with Neptune in Pisces. All that watery energy makes this a perfect time to retreat, go to a watery setting, visualize a new cycle with a new you. The Pluto opposition may try to pull you (or guilt-trip you) into doing something far more practical. Stand up for what you want and need, whatever that is.

On June 28, the Moon will conjunct Jupiter in Cancer once again, just as it was when we started the month, but this time it will no longer be in aspect to Uranus and Pluto. This could be a day to relax, let go, and just feel “at home” with family and/or friends no matter where you happen to be.

The final two days of June, with the Moon in Leo, and Mercury slowing to station once again, it will be best not to start any important projects, just tie up loose ends, and enjoy some time with friends/co-workers.

And to give you a heads up—on July 1, at 5:50 AM PDT Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees Gemini.

I’ll be back in July! See you then!


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