June 2016 Astrocycles: Finding Clarity through Chaos

by Joan Kiley

clarity chaosIt’s June! We made it through the slowdowns of May with the five retrograde planets, and now it’s Gemini time! Light, airy and fun, right? Well, not exactly. We did have the Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini to start the month, which can bring about some interesting and fun conversation. However, that Mutable Grand Cross that occurred at the end of May was not only still with us, it was getting more and more exact.  At the four corners were the Sun and Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. The Sun and Venus moved out of the Cross by June 12, but on June 17, Mercury, by then in its own sign of Gemini, will bring the Cross back to life once again.

The fact that this Grand Cross was/is in mutable signs is critical, because it requires lots of flexibility from all of us to get through it. New ideas will be generated, and then just as we think we’ve figured it out, an even newer idea emerges that either puts in doubt the previous one or requires a shift in perspective. Jupiter wants us to think BIG, and Saturn wants us to have a level of caution or doubt. Neptune tells us to trust our intuition, and ideas that come from dreams, of either the daytime or nighttime variety, ideas that people around us may pooh-pooh and declare impossible. Meanwhile we’re spinning in multiple directions at once.

This confusing aura in and around us may create anxiety, lots of it. We may feel like we’re doing something wrong, and not be able to figure out what that is. So entertain this: odds are you are doing nothing wrong. It is important to remember that a Grand Cross, particularly the mutable kind, require change, healing, and adaptation. Change means it won’t feel “normal” until we have experienced the healing and have adapted to whatever is changing.

The New Moon in Gemini on June 4, at 7:59 PM PDT brought the Moon into exact conjunction with both the Sun, as is always the case, and Venus. This New Moon, with those conjunctions, brought the Grand Cross into a higher level of potency. New Moon, new beginnings, new vision, new thinking (Gemini). That is the message. We need to create a new reality, for ourselves and for the world. The old ways are no longer working. They don’t support who we are now, or who we need to be, in order to evolve and keep this species going. And yes, Gemini requires us to communicate our vision for this new reality, and right now communications are, at best, confusing.

If this all sounds like more of a task than you can possibly accomplish, be reminded that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and in addition to his roles as messenger, inventor, and guide to travelers, Mercury is also the magician! So yes, you/we can do this! The strong Saturn/Neptune square, with the help of Jupiter, tells me that having faith in your gut, in your intuition, no matter how seemingly irrational, may be the key to this new vision. I know this may sound like Neptunian delusion. However, the strong Saturn in Jupiter’s sign, plus Jupiter and Mercury in earth signs, can help us steer clear of delusion, and still trust an idea out of the ordinary, and beyond the current paradigm.

There are more planets in the chart than those in mutable signs, planets that we have not spoken much about. In fact, when the month started, we had a Grand Earth Trine that included mutable Jupiter in Virgo, but also Pluto in cardinal Capricorn, and Mercury in fixed Taurus. Mercury moves quickly, and by June 6, it had moved ahead of the trines and was opposed to retrograde Mars in fixed Scorpio. And on that same day, we found Uranus in cardinal Aries exactly conjunct the new planet Eris. The power of these planets and their positions cannot be ignored. Beneath the chaotic mumblings, mixed messages, and multiple changes of direction, there is, and has been, a deeper operation of steadying and focus going on within us. Part of us has been intent on forging ahead with changes already in process. Most of the time we can be aware of this, but recently, all the mental craziness has been a distraction.

On June 12, Mercury shifts into Gemini at 4:23 PM PDT. Having the sign ruler in its own sign increases the power of the sign while it is there, particularly given that Mercury moved out of its retrograde shadow on June 7, and is now going “full speed ahead.” It’s time for open-mindedness, and being clear with your communications. Have a contract waiting to be signed? Now may be the right time.

Also on June 12, retrograde Mars in Scorpio is exactly trine Chiron in Pisces. This is a good time to take some healing action for yourself. An event from the past bothering you? Take a good look at whether it is really a barrier to your vision and goals. If so, ask for guidance as to the path ahead. Is it time to face it head on? Or are you ready to just release and let go?

At 1:43 PM PDT, Neptune stations retrograde on June 13 at 12 degrees 02 minutes Pisces. It will remain retrograde until November 2016. For many people, Neptune retrograde is a time of heightened sensitivity and stronger intuition. Even if you are one of those, do not expect to be in a state of spiritual ecstasy for the next five months. Saturn’s square with Neptune assures us that some of our conditioned beliefs, cultural memes, or assumptions we’ve lived by, will be challenged. Many of us have been experiencing this since late last year when the square aspect began. Know that the struggle to find truth and meaning is the reality of life, and right now, we are all in that struggle together, big time!

On June 18, the second of three exact squares between Saturn and Neptune occurs, with both planets retrograde. If you are questioning ideas you’ve previously assumed to be true, keep an open mind. Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of the “big picture” view. Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces, which is about the source of consciousness, but also the eroding tide. In times like these, old beliefs we hold, with no real evidence of their validity, begin to clash with actual reality, experience and learning. When we indeed get the bigger picture, we see how hopelessly impossible some of our “small pictures” are or have been. It may take a difficult period of confusion, disappointment, and grief. In the end, however, if we allow the balance of Saturn and Neptune to be reached, what cannot stand the test of time will dissolve. It is the process of human evolution.

On June 17, Venus moves out of Gemini and into Cancer at 12:39 PM PDT, re-invigorating our need for nurture, love, and the feeling of security. Venus will remain there until July 12. Don’t be reluctant to self-nurture, if connecting with loved ones doesn’t happen to be in the cards! Create a favorite meal for yourself, have a spa day, or phone up friends!

We have the second consecutive Full Moon in Sagittarius this month (each year this happens in one sign or another, since there are 13 lunation cycles and 12 months) at 29 degrees 32 minutes Sagittarius, the final, or anaretic degree of the sign, on June 20 at 4:02 AM PDT. Is this final degree really “fated” as spoken about by traditional astrologers? Or could it just mean poised to move in a new direction? If we think very much about all the other aspects of the chart, and the aspects we have been dealing with for some months now, it could simply be one more clue that it is time for us to let some old ideas, beliefs, structures, relationships, or ways of operating, flow out to sea with the tide. Emotional moment? Yes, quite possibly, given that Venus in Cancer is conjunct the Sun and opposed this New Moon, despite the Moon being in Sagittarius, an often light-hearted sign.

The Full Moon is made more intense, and more emotional, when we realize that just hours after it reaches its peak, the Sun slips into Cancer, which means we’ve reached the Summer Solstice at 3:35 PM PDT.

There is even more activity on June 20. It is important to note that Chiron forms a T-square with the Full Moon and Sun. It also trines Mars. Jupiter is exactly conjunct the North Node of the Moon. Mercury and Saturn are in opposition. These aspects all point to this being a period of conflicting desires. We want to take the risk to manifest our dreams, strike out into new territory. We want to take actions that will be of benefit to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. Yet we also want to be safe, secure, loved and loving. Memories of being wounded, dismissed or disrespected for speaking our truth as a child may arise. Can we take the risk of once again shocking or offending those we love, because we can no longer linger in the world of the status quo?  Can we live with self-doubt, and worry over our need to know, and do, the right thing? How do we be true to ourselves, while still being loving to those who may not have reached the same conclusions about the direction we are headed?

There is no simple answer. But it is generally helpful to be as kind to yourself as you can by providing self-care, and not negatively judging yourself. You can also count on feeling better about yourself by performing small acts of kindness toward others, or indulging your creative impulses Try not to escape this mental, emotional, and spiritual quandary via popular routes of alcohol, drugs, video games, overeating, fantasy, etc. Allow the process to unfold. This is life—evolving—consciously.

Jupiter forms an exact trine with Pluto on June 26. The Pisces Moon is in the mix for a short period of time by opposition with Jupiter and sextile with Pluto. This has the potential to power us through any depression or despair we may have lingering from a crisis of conscience earlier in the month.

We have two significant events occurring on June 29, within minutes of each other. Mercury enters the sign of Cancer at 4:25 PM PDT and then Mars stations direct at 4:39 PM PDT at 23 degrees 03 minutes Scorpio. With three planets in Cancer, Mars still in Scorpio but not held back by retrograde motion, our emotional body is highly activated. We will be attempting to come to terms with those parts of us that are being released, in order for even greater wholeness to be achieved. May you leave behind doubts and fears, knowing that who you are growing into is who you are meant to be.

Joan Kiley AstrologerSee you next month.


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