Faith Hope and Reinvention in January 2011

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer

The new year has arrived, but some of us don't feel particularly different, renewed or transformed. If you're in that boat, I'd like to point out that we’re still in transition. The nightmares of 2010 are still facing us, and despite some strong and earthy Capricorn energy - with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto hanging out in that solid sign - it’s still a bit difficult to feel grounded. This is due to several configurations in the global horoscope for January.

  1. Jupiter and Uranus are still conjunct in dreamy Pisces (Neptune ruled), and they’re now moving direct.
  2. Venus is squaring Neptune, the god of the sea, putting tension, plus strong desire, on our capacity to feel connected to our loved ones as well as humanity as a whole.
  3. Venus is ruler of Libra, which was on the Ascendent here on the West Coast when the New Year arrived, and is also the sign Saturn is in. We know there is love and concern, but it seems to keep slipping out of reach, in terms of our being able to actually embody it.

To add to the unease, Mercury, though definitely now direct, remains in its shadow period in Sagittarius. It remains in its shadow until January 17 when it reaches, by direct motion, the degree it was in when it stationed and went retrograde on December 10, while conjunct Pluto. The combination effect of Mercury and other retrograde planets now going direct, plus all the drama of last month’s solstice and eclipse, may have us feeling like we should be ready to take significant action in this new year, yet it has become very clear that many of the old ways of taking action no longer serve us well. So how do we take action in a new, better way for ourselves and the planet? The energy of the New Moon can give us a push in the right direction.

The January New Moon comes early in the month, in the wee hours of January 4, at 1:03 AM PST. It reinforces our desire to take action but brings tension as part of a a complex arrangement involving Saturn, the Sun, and Mars. Saturn’s rulership of this New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse that precedes it, and Saturn’s being in Libra where it is exalted, tells me we are to focus in on Saturnian/Capricornian qualities if we want to come out at the top of the mountain. So prepare to get your business house in order, set your priorities, do some planning and organizing, toss out what may be holding you back.

Saturn won’t allow you to look at your life through rose-colored glasses, and this is a good thing. Whether it be your finances, professional goals, personal relationships, or just planning your next trip, let Saturn's harsh reality check bring out your determination and tenacity to deal with what you must. But don’t let it all be about logic and reason. Allow your heart to have a loud voice. Venus in Scorpio has great depth. Let her take you there, with fearlessness, into decision-making and commitment. Then you will have developed a solid foundation from which to allow yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that come during the last of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions.

Jupiter and Uranus want us to move forward. They’ve been hanging out together for awhile now, tapping our consciousness with images of urgency and evolution, but will soon part company. Uranus provides the insight, Jupiter opens the door. Chances are you’ve already received inklings of the direction you need to be moving in. It’s taken awhile to sink in, either because it is new and makes you feel vulnerable, or because it shakes up the old paradigm and stirs up resistance. Avoid the truth no longer. Walk through the door. This eclipse can be just the impetus to take steps in the right direction. Join your practicality with your intuition. And know you won’t be doing it alone.

The two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon will include Venus moving to adventurous Sagittarius, and a few days of an Aries moon that may either put you through a series of emotional crises or, if handled with angelic finesse, jettison you out of any doldrums in which January may have placed you. Prepare yourself by getting plenty of sleep and exercise, and remind yourself that patience is a virtue.

The Full Moon arrives on January 19 at 1:22 PM PST, ushering in some moments of relative calm, as the balance of opposition with the Moon in Cancer brings a willingness to self-nurture, while actively grounding your new ideas and direction in the real world. The Jupiter/Uranus duo brings creativity to the Sun and Moon. Mercury will have moved out of its shadow by then and picked up some speed. Venus in Sagittarius may shift your heart’s focus from inner-directed to more external themes. Meanwhile Mars speeds into Aquarius. All of this movement into new signs and velocities will tend to keep one out of self-pity for the remainder of the month, and looking forward to success, working with a team to change current reality.

The last quarter moon in Scorpio, squaring both Sun and Mars in Aquarius, occurs on January 26, with Mercury squaring Saturn, to bring about a serious turn of mind and heart. Meanwhile Jupiter’s move into Aries on the 22nd still keeps forward motion as the priority. With those positions as a backdrop, the last week of the month could find you feeling challenged, but confident. Jupiter in Aries could bolster your belief and faith in yourself, your ability to reinvent your life, and the courage to seize every opportunity that comes your way. Now that's something to look forward to.

Best wishes in the New Year.