Good Planning Times Available in October 2015

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThis month we’re blessed with two weeks to make clear, logical decisions or plan important projects. These dates begin October 2nd and this cycle (Mercury sextile Saturn) stays in range through October 15th. This is excellent for getting a plan together for your fortunate actions. Make good use of this! This cycle peaks on October 6th and 13th.

On October 9th, Mercury stops and turns around to move forward again, marking the end of its retrograde. Notice that word “stops”. This means the planet in charge of movement and communications is NOT moving at all. It takes time for Mercury to get its momentum going enough to move forward again. So don’t expect Mercurial delays to end right away. Mercury won't be moving close to its normal speed until October 16th. And it won't be moving into new territory, fully marking the end of this Mercury retrograde cycle, until October 24th. So you have until then to finish redoing your tasks.

Tight Money, Radical Leadership and Huge Growth!

This may sound a little like, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” But what this title refers to is three astrological cycles that peak on exactly the same day - October 11th.

The cycle for restrictions with money (Venus square Saturn) begins on October 1st, but it doesn’t get really strong until October 5th. Although this cycle will stay in range through October 18th, by October 15th the tone of it shifts dramatically as Venus conjuncts Mars and Jupiter while trine Pluto. This is a signature that relates to "big money" or financial opportunities for gain. The square from Saturn suggests there could be challenges or obstacles to overcome first.

The cycle for radical leadership - or taking liberating or unusual actions (Sun opposite Uranus), comes into range on October 4th. We are more apt to take unusual actions now, which can lead us in new and better directions. However, acting impulsively without a real game plan could get you into trouble. This cycle stays in range through October 18th, but I encourage you to take important actions between October 11th – 14th. You’ll have some good aspects on your side during that time.

The cycle for huge growth (Jupiter trine Pluto) is in range now and will stay in range through November 30th. While this cycle’s influence will last quite a bit longer, I encourage you to use it during the month of October, when it has the help of Venus and Mars to take fortunate actions that create a LOT of money and growth. Make good use of this rare set of energies this month!

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