Get Ready for Breakthroughs!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerBeginning next week, especially by December 9th, we head into our intense, volatile and potentially explosive energies (Mars opposite Uranus and square Pluto). They will be with us on and off through nearly mid-July 2014. So this is a very important set of cycles to understand their best usage. While these energies can be very challenging, and even war-like, they have a vital task to perform. They're here to assist us in making important breakthroughs in patterns that no longer serve us.

Here's how this set of cycles will unfold. First, beginning this month, especially near the end of this month and as we enter the New Year, these cycles will peak and demand our attention. You will know which of your pattern(s) need to change, because most likely you will be faced with a major issue concerning it. Notice this issue(s) and plan to have a breakthrough concerning it.

That means you will shift or break up an old behavior pattern that is not assisting you any longer. Usually we get into these patterns when at one point in our life, a particular response was useful in protecting or defending our self. Or perhaps the strategy got you plum jobs or assignments at that time, but doesn't work so well now. Perhaps you still use that pattern to get what you want, but not so successfully any more. A common example of this situation is children who get what they want by crying, but as they get older, it doesn't work so well. A new pattern or strategy is needed.

Since Mars is in the sign of Libra, associated with relationships, balance and justice, your issue may relate to one of these themes. If you're not in a relationship, you may need the balance of getting into one. If you're in a relationship, you may have patterns with your significant other that would be healthy to change. Among the possibilities,. this may relate to the balance of power in a relationship. Mars in Libra wants to have an active relationship. It's looking for a partner who will speak his or her truth without worrying about what the other person may or may not want to hear. Mars in Libra really wants to know what you like or want to do. It's not interested in someone who will just agree with a suggestion, without speaking their mind.

If you are in strong resistance to a major change that's needed in your life, then these energies will assist you in making that change. However, they may do that by hitting you over the head with a 2 X 4. This can look like a serious accident, or major health issue, such as a heart attack or stroke, or other major traumas. Please do not wait for that to occur. I recommend that you make whatever changes are needed as quickly and easily as possible, before the Universe hits you over the head. You know what changes are needed. Be willing to make them.

Once you identify the pattern that needs changing, you will have some time to focus on it. The energies get out of range the first time by mid-January. They come back into range beginning April 7th, and peak the second time April 21 - 23. This second period looks even more intense than our first one during the holidays. However, the second pass is usually a time when there's movement toward making the changes. It may not be a complete change at that point, but progress is occurring.

The second time these cycles come in range, they stay in range and peak the third and final time on June 14th - 25th. By the time that occurs, the issue is usually resolved and the changes are made. Sometimes this takes a little longer, but it will resolve before these cycles go completely out of range on July 14th. Considering the intensity of these energies, the sooner you can make your breakthrough and changes, the easier it will be on you and everyone concerned.

In addition, these energies tend to bring up anger, resentment and hostilities. So this is an excellent time to have the book by Marshall Rosenberg, Non-Violent Communication, A Language for Life. It has an excellent process for those challenging conversations, so they can produce the result you actually want. The process does this by keeping the other person's heart center open, so they can hear your needs and request. It's tricky though, so it really is best to get the book OR go to and look for a class in your area, taught by one of the many facilitators worldwide.

These energies can also bring breakthroughs in international relationships (between countries) and in political areas. However, they can also relate to wars getting started. It's our job to stay focused on peace, so that doesn't occur. These cycles can also accelerate changes in technology, particularly those related to energy.

Keep in mind that these energies can also relate to severe weather. Please stock some extra supplies for these time periods, in case you cannot get to a store or the stores don't get deliveries. Severe weather for December gets worse close to Christmas and into the early part of January. Please be prepared.

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