Gemini New Moon

by Mary Pat Lynch

Mary Pat Lynch AstrologerAhhh, Gemini time. Inboxes full. Messages coming in from left, right and center. Are they all what we wanted to hear? No, they are not. Do they all agree? No, they do not. But here they are!

Back at the Full Moon, we were offered a look at certainty––the Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse emphasized all the things we were sure of, suggesting maybe we look again.

And now everyone's whooping it up in Gemini, heading toward a Gemini New Moon, and we're in information overload. 

What to do? Actually, with Gemini, the question is: What to think? Accompanied by: What to say?

As we move through this waning cycle, thoughts and communications are tested. At the Disseminating Moon (May 28), the Capricorn Moon pushed us to consider what was practical, what was real, and what would work over the long term.

At the Last Quarter on May 31, we'll be challenged to reconcile thoughts and communication with our dreams and visions, winnowing Faerie glamour from inner truth.

June 4th's Balsamic Moon in Aries, conjunct edgy Eris, will push us to act, maybe before we feel ready. At this ending of the cycle, we're asked to let go of what no longer serves us. We'll need to decide which ideas, which perspectives, which interpretations we keep, and which we release. If we choose well, we'll be ready to embrace a fresh worldview with the New Moon.

A key Gemini idea is realizing we live in a complex, co-created cosmos along with many other sentient beings. We all have our own agendas, our own plans, our own influences. There's a lot going on.

Even within ourselves, we contain multitudes, as Walt Whitman said. Freud explained it differently, saying all human behavior is overdetermined, stemming from multiple motives and aimed at multiple goals.

Exploring Gemini: The Reason(s) Things Happen

Coping with complexity creates anxiety, and many of us retreat to a simpler model.

"Everything happens for a reason!" says confident and assured Sagittarius. This philosopher of the zodiac feels he has achieved a theory of everything encompassing all. Where Sagittarius lives in our chart, we feel the same––or perhaps just compelled to find the Big Theory that Explains Everything.

"Everything happens for A reason?" chortles Gemini, as he juggles innumerable reasons, adding more with every pass. Things spin faster and faster, and we can't keep everything in view at once.

In these complex and challenging times, certainty is very tempting. We long for less ambiguity. We look for the sure-fire plan. We search for THE answer.
Yet in this Gemini time, we're reminded at every turn that life is not so simple. We humans live in a multivalent world we can neither perceive nor comprehend fully. Science is pretty clear on that part, and our daily experience confirms it.

Can we, in this waning cycle, let go of the need to be certain without collapsing into relativism and anxiety? Can we find our inner still point, our integrity, our sovereignty––the place of balance that keeps us upright in the whirlwind?

Finding balance is the key challenge now... presented with Gemini's trademark trickster-ish humor. Because we're invited to see the funny side of all this. Gemini wants us to play with possibilities and celebrate openness.

Who's on first? Why a duck? Life is uncertain... eat dessert first!

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