Fresh Starts on the New Moon with Amber

by Amber Flynn

Amber Flynn Astrologer

Today is the day to start a new project or begin the exciting process of implementing a new idea or vision. Today is the beginning of a New Moon Cycle!

Join me in understanding this timeless cycle by looking at the best activities to focus on as the New Moon cycle starts in each of the 12 houses.

What is a New Moon Cycle? 

In Astrology the term "moon cycle" (or "lunar cycle") refers to the 28 day cycle of the moon's continuous orbit around the earth. As the moon orbits the earth, its appearance and/or phase changes and thus gives us an indication of the moon's progress in the cycle.

When the Moon is in this cycle it brings a sense of renewed energy and calm.  This is because we are in the initial planning stages of the next 28 day cycle.  In the planning stage there is always more hope and anticipation of what life could bring. But we must plan intentionally and act wisely to insure our full participation in this wonderful cycle. Why?  Because in 2 weeks we will have a Full Moon Cycle which will bring our goals and visions to fruition.

What should I do on a New Moon Cycle?

Today you might start by making a list of the things you want to accomplish within these next 2 weeks.  Start with "seeing" yourself doing the thing you want to accomplish by the Full Moon on Saturday March 19th and ask yourself what you need to "do" between now and then to accomplish your vision. Make a clear action list of “Next Action Steps.” Then get to work on your list.

By next action steps, I mean the very practical next thing you need to do to accomplish your task. For instance, instead of writing “get the car repaired” you might write “call the mechanic to schedule an appointment”. You’re more likely to accomplish what you set out to do if you make a clear plan and write it down.
If you encounter any resistance during this part of the cycle it may be from a lack of clarity in your vision. If that’s the case give yourself some space to connect to your deepest inspiration by getting some peace and quiet. Sit in meditation, touch your heart and ask for guidance. Then trust what comes up. Embracing your vision, (no matter how small) can give you renewed hope and help you to get engaged back into your life.  You may still feel unclear or unsure....  But start anyway!

Where is the "New Moon Cycle" happening in your Chart?

Each of us experiences the new moon in a unique way, specific to our own Natal Chart. Where the New Moon Cycle initiates in your natal horoscope is where all the action is beginning!   This could be anywhere from home, health, career or even relationship. Because the Moon has to do with reflection, nurturing and sensitivity, this cycle will help you understand what areas of your life need deeper reflection, greater concern, more care or mindfulness. 

The Moon doesn't make things happen by itself - all planets bring energy to our daily process.  The more we become aware of the energy, the more understanding we have of our unconscious connection to our planets and their effect on us. The Moon is a planet of sensitivity and nurturing.  So where the New Moon Cycle is in your Astrological Chart will show where you need more reflection, vision, mindfulness and care. 

The Moon will start its monthly cycle in one of the 12 houses of your astrological chart, telling you in what area of your life you will experience this cycle.
Here is a brief description of what each of the houses represent. If you know your rising sign (ascendant) you can find which house the moon begins its journey.

Pisces Ascendant
New Moon in the 1st House -
This is the house of the Self. This house represents your physical body, traits and characteristics.  It is now time to nurture yourself and be sensitive to your own needs. Start planning an activity that is what you want to do personally to nurture yourself. Feed your will.

Aquarius Ascendant
New Moon in the 2nd house -
The second house is about your self worth, your income and looking at what you have or possess.  It is now time to nurture and be more sensitive to what you value, and your finances. Nurture what came from your family and reflect back to yourself what belongs solely and specifically to you. Be mindful of your value to yourself.

Capricorn Ascendant
New Moon in the 3rd house -
This house is about communication and education.  Have you been wanting to say something to someone but have felt held back?  It is now time to reflect and apply sensitivity and nurturing to your communication techniques to better express your ideas and opinions.

Sagittarius Ascendant
New Moon in the 4th house -
This is your home, your family and your foundation. Nurturing yourself and nesting may be the right thing to do right now.  Be mindful of what your home expresses to you and your life and the stability within yourself. Visualize and plan your vision in your home.

Scorpio Ascendant
New Moon in the 5th house -
This is the house of creative expression, children and enjoyment. Be sensitive to how to access the inner child within yourself and honestly ask yourself where you can reflect and be more mindful of your creative self, and your creative journey. Or if you have children... do your need to spend more mindful time with your children?

Libra Ascendant
New Moon in the 6th house -
This is the house of health, service, jobs and employment. Is it time to visualize your work environment and what systems could be put in place at work to make it more practical and productive.  Perhaps you need to be sensitive and reflective about the true meaning of service or to visualize a health plan.

Virgo Ascendant
New Moon in the 7th house -
Partnership and relationships are associated with this house – and not just romantic partners. This house applies to best friends and to business partners too. It is now time to visualize what to do in your relationship or partnership. Perhaps you could become more mindful about your partner and practice fair play in your relationship. If you are not in a relationship, perhaps it’s time to visualize what you’d like to create in a partnership.

Leo Ascendant
New Moon in the 8th house -
Other people’s resources, death, taxes and deeper psychological development are all associated with this house. With the New Moon Cycle in your 8th house it is time to reflect and be mindful about your deeper psychological process – the hard stuff that you tend to avoid looking at. It might be a good time to review your thoughts about the dying process – and not just physical death, but the death of ideas, projects, relationships. Perhaps its time to instigate some psychological healing with yourself and others who are intimate with you.

Cancer Ascendant
New Moon in the 9th house -
Knowledge, travel, education, and expansion through experience and philosophy are located here.  The New Moon may help you start visualizing more education or travel in your life.  Do you need to make plans? Or get your passport updated? Maybe it’s time to vision getting some more education or to revisit and refresh your spiritual ideals.

Gemini Ascendant
New Moon in the 10th house -
Career, social status, authority are all the realm of this house.  It is time to Visualize your goals while becoming more mindful about what real success might mean for you.  Become more sensitivity to your issues with authority and perhaps look at where you are a natural leader in your own world. 

Taurus Ascendant
New Moon in the 11th house -
Hopes, wishes and dreams are a part of this house, as well as establishing and maintaining useful friendships and associations in your community.  The friends in the 11th house are more like “Facebook friends” than close friends (although of course, your close friends may be on Facebook too!). The New Moon Cycle here may help you to reflect about the time you spend in groups or associations and to be sensitive to communicating with them to learn how appreciated you are (or are not).  

Aries Ascendant
New Moon in the 12th house – The 12th house is the house of natural endings and return to source. Rest, relaxation and time to heal yourself through retreat is one of the best things to spend time doing now. Starting a dream journal could be helpful as well as learning how to truly rest your mind and body. Perhaps Visualizing a balance between work and rest is the best vision for you. 

*Please note, the house placement of the New Moon can vary slightly from the above based on the actual degree of your rising sign. The later the degree, the more likely there will be variation.

If you would like to know what exact house the New Moon Cycle is starting in, you might pull up your chart at Or contact Amber to schedule a session.


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