February Cycles and Mars Retrograde Check In

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer Two cycles related to leadership and responsibilities peak the weekend of February 18th. One of these two cycles, which is Sun trine Saturn, is excellent for getting support for major projects and new responsibilities from people in charge. The other cycle, which is Sun conjunct Neptune, can be terrific for envisioning new solutions. The new cycles together can bring inspirational and responsible leaders to the forefront. This set of cycles is great for having a vision and putting a foundation under it. Both cycles stay in range through February 25th. Watch for these inspirational and pragmatic leaders during this time. Maybe you will be one of them?

In addition, we have another cycle occurring now, which is a good opportunity for communicating with either the masses or people in power. This cycle is Mercury sextile Pluto and it will peak on February 18th. It stays in range through Sunday, February 19th. This cycle can also provide penetrating insights into the motives of others or hidden agendas.

Next, how are you doing during this Mars retrograde? We just finished week four of this twelve - week cycle, which will end on April 13th. Are there some potential, major changes that you’re contemplating? Have you started investigating or researching the options for the different directions you could take during the next two years? If so, keep at it! You’re right on track! The question to ask yourself is this: How can I do more of what I love to do and less of those tasks that I don’t like to do? It’s typically at this point when you find yourself considering major changes which need a lot of contemplation before you make your decision.

In addition, have you encountered some challenging situations that made you angry or frustrated? These types of situations are also likely with this cycle. These issues come up to be healed now, not just to aggravate us! So take advantage of them. Doing so will make it a lot easier to move forward on the right track when this cycle is over. We’re in Mars retrograde for nine more weeks until April 13th. This is no time to be starting new projects, introducing new products, services or launching web sites. So just be patient until it’s over. In the meantime, work on your strategic plan for the next two years.

Next, beginning Monday, February 20th, we come in range of a cycle that’s associated with road rage, expressing anger, and challenging situations with cars overheating or breaking down. If your car is making funny noises, get it checked right away. This cycle is Mercury opposite Mars. It peaks on February 23rd. Right before that though, on February 22nd, this cycle gets intensified as the Moon comes into the picture. In real life this is like a someone coming onto the scene and making the situation more intense. So get some extra exercise next week to help prevent these issues. This cycle stays in range through February 25th.

Next, what’s getting started at the New Moon on February 21st are some inspirational leaders and citizens meeting to ignite a new vision. This is shown by the cycles of Sun conjunct Moon and Neptune. This may also be accompanied by anger, frustration or resentments being expressed with the Mercury opposite Mars cycle I just discussesd.

The leaders and the public appear to have some inspiring possibilities that need to be fleshed out. These ideas are likely to be healing and also to bring growth or abundance if they’re pursued and implemented well. It looks like these leaders will gain plenty of support and growth from those in charge and those who have power. This is related to the cycles of Sun sextile Jupiter on Feb 25th followed by Sun sextile Pluto on Feb 28th.

The challenge at the time of this New Moon is that there is still a lot of entrenched thinking that’s caught up in old patterns that resist new methods or solutions. This is related to the cycle of Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn. If you find yourself continuing to have those type of thought patterns, notice them and then consciously change them to something more positive. We can do anything if we allow our thoughts to take us there. This cycle is in range from February 20th – 22nd and it peaks on February 21st, the day of the New Moon. However, since it’s peaking at the New Moon, those energies are likely to stay until we get to the first quarter Moon on February 29th.

The stock markets at the New Moon have some unexpected surprises, but also some great support for growth. It still looks like banks and/or investment firms are doing better, but keep in mind that we’ll see financial institutions challenged later this year.

Next, this is a reminder of a cycle we’ve been in for quite awhile, which is Jupiter trine Pluto. This cycle is associated with very large projects or programs that can bring in a lot of money. Since Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus at this time, there’s a strong potential for banks and investment firms to do particularly well with this cycle. This cycle will peak for the last of three times on March 13th. It’s also very strong in the seven financial and growth cycles that occur on March 7th. In fact, I strongly encourage you to do something very important on March 7th that can make you a lot of money. It’s especially valuable for taking steps to promote existing products and services.

Next, I have another reminder that we’re still in Uranus square Pluto throughout this entire year, until March 2019. These are revolutionary energies, so ask yourself how you can revolutionize your own life. Keep in mind that these energies can also indicate major Earth changes. Now is the time to ensure you have whatever you need for any type of a disaster or major power outage, which can occur with large solar flares from the Sun taking out regional or national power grids. Let’s all be prepared.