Earthquakes and Lightning Bolts in June 2012

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer Yes, friends, it’s going to be a long hot summer! Change is non-stop! And I’m not just talking about climate change, although that’s certainly in our face, as we wipe sweat from the brow!

June was wild, a constant stream of powerful, yes, even historical events. Will July provide respite? Yes, but it will be more like a few deep breaths amid a series of quick gasps than a real vacation.

July began with several potent configurations. There was the T-square with Pluto, Uranus and the Sun, blasting Sun-level light on the Uranus/Pluto square, still in close aspect, telling me that our awareness of the extreme tension in the world and in our own souls remains in high gear. There was a slightly mellower, but no less fiery Grand Trine with Uranus in Aries, Moon in Sagittarius, and Mercury in Leo, revealing a nervousness, or we could say even a giddiness created by all that is new, what is changing, and our anticipation of it.

Meanwhile Jupiter opposed the Moon and squared Neptune and Chiron. This reveals an inner knowing, whether conscious or not, that we live in a special moment, and this moment is a holy one. Every planet is in the early degrees of a sign except for Mars and Saturn. The chart feels like a pair of tense parents herding a flock of unruly yet prodigal youngsters. And so we carry on through July.

Mars ingressed into Libra after 7 months in Virgo at 5:32 AM PDT July 3. The Moon was exactly conjunct Pluto at the time, and in a wide square to Mars. Mars was in a waxing trine to Jupiter, who is newly ensconced in Gemini for a year. So, there was definitely a change in energy, a move out of the lonely perfectionism of Virgo to the more cooperative energy of Libra.

A few hours later on July 3rd, we had theFull Moon at 12 degrees Capricorn at 11:52 AM PDT. The Moon then joined the Sun, Pluto, Uranus T-square, a few degrees off exact, but definitely close enough for some interesting tensions. Did your 4thof July holiday plans go smoothly? Any back and forth jousting for priorities?

Also operating in the Full Moon chart were squares between the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Pisces and the Jupiter/ Venus conjunction in Gemini. All of this edginess could bring a lot of impatience, and speaks to a high probability of some folks having to “effort” at just getting through the holiday without an anxiety attack or argument. Party hosts, meanwhile may have spent a lot of energy trying to keep things light and cheery in order to avoid unpleasantness. Fireworks? Indeed!

By July 10, the Sun in Cancer moves totally out of the t-square with Uranus and Pluto, and Mars in Libra moves in, forming both a waxing opposition to Uranus and a waxing square to Pluto. This reflects a need to take action, but hopefully in a balanced way. Mars’ growing trine to Jupiter in Gemini encourages the expression of new modes of communication and/or taking on that writing project you’ve been thinking about. It’s a good idea to start it or any new project now, before Mercury stations retrograde on July 14.

On Saturday, July 14 at 7:16 PM PDT Mercury stations Retrograde at 12 degrees 33 minutes Leo, and will remain Retrograde through the remainder of the month. Mercury has provided a heap of lessons this year, with Mars being in Mercury-ruled Virgo for its retrograde phase, and Venus being in Mercury-ruled Gemini for its retrograde phase plus the Venus transit. Now we have Mercury itself going retrograde in Leo. Here’s yet another reminder that something about our habitual way of thinking/communicating needs an upgrade! At the moment of station, Mercury is exactly sextile Venus in Gemini! Our capacity for communication in relationships is dialing us up and saying “pay attention!” Time to ponder that, folks, and heed the call. You’ve been given yet another chance, just in case procrastination has been your preferred method of response to the previous nudges!

On July 17, Mars is exactly trined Jupiter and exactly square Pluto. For a few hours in the day there will be a Cardinal Grand Cross with the Moon in Cancer. This could bring either a stalemate or a move to powerful action that takes into consideration women, children and the needs of the public.

Just as you’re getting adjusted to the retrograde Mercury, we get aNew Moon in Cancer on July 18 at 9:24 PM PDT. The Sun /Moon combo is square to Saturn in Libra, giving a steadying influence to any tendencies for oversensitivity. Mars in Libra is now in a tight T-square with Uranus and Pluto. Mars represents the body. Libra is an air sign. Don’t stay in your head when Mars opposes Uranus. Try to focus awareness in the body and on what you are doing, or accidents can happen—suddenly.

Retrograde Mercury is still sextiled Venus and also Jupiter. We may desire to express our sensitive Cancer feelings to friends and loved ones, but be careful not to over speak or forget to be an attentive listener. Mercury Retrograde in Leo may be retro, but still wants to get the point across and be heard.

Neptune remains square the Moon’s nodes, and Jupiter squares Chiron during the New Moon period. This configuration could bring an active dream life, and emerging memories of childhood you thought were buried forever. Don’t dismiss them. Indulge yourself and share these treasures with someone who can either enjoy them with you, or sympathize about them with you.

On the global front, may this configuration spur some imagining of a better way to handle the world’s many crises, and the desire to take action in that direction. As old systems, obviously failing, begin to crumble, we can’t afford to sit stuck in “woe is me” ranting. We must take creative action and move toward sustainability.

On Sunday, July 22, with the Virgo Moon opposing Neptune, the Sun joins Mercury in the fixed sign of Leo, bringing a more balanced set of energies to what has been primarily a cardinal and mutable chart for the past months. By July 25th, Mercury is trine Uranus in Aries, bringing positive thoughts to our being the change we want to see in the world. Take note!

The Sun then moves toward the July 28thconjunction with Mercury, a waxing trine to Uranus and sextile with Jupiter. This is a great time for idealistic action! Yes, Sun and Mercury are in Leo, the sign of the generous heart. Mix with the fiery awakening energy of Uranus, the good will of Jupiter. Add a little Neptune and you’ve got a recipe for inspired movement toward just what’s needed in this time of dramatic change! Follow your heart! Do what you never believed you could!

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