Dramatic Changes in April

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer April! Lots of complex energy! Mercury and Mars going direct! Time to make choices and initiate change! Let the Fool’s willingness to jump into the unknown set the tone for a month of surprises.

April 2012 will be dramatic—from beginning to end, so make your choice as to how to frame it for yourself. As a child, the “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers” of Thomas Tusser rang true for me. But growing up on a farm, with the melting snow, more often than not Katherine Whitehorn’s "Spring makes everything look filthy" seemed like the real story. Later, I began reading T.S. Eliot and “April is the cruelest month…” settled into my consciousness. Suit yourself! You may try them all before the month is out!

When April arrived, we found the expected cardinal Aries springtime energy of the Sun and Uranus, squared dynamically with the Capricorn Pluto. But there was something more than cardinal initiative. We also had slowing retrograde Mars in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces, and the two of them in a mutual grand cross with the Moon’s nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. This uncharacteristic amount of mutable energy in April brings a capacity for flexibility and change-making to the fore, as our two personal planets, Mercury and Mars, slow to station, and go direct during the first half of April.

Mercury stationed direct in the early morning hours of April 4 at 23 degrees of Pisces, unaspected to any other planets. Just hours earlier Venus moved into Mercury-ruled Gemini, and the Moon had moved into Virgo. MORE mutable energy! With Mars still retrograde, this configuration with its mental restlessness, could have you waking to a day filled with a sense of many unknowns in the wind. Plans may be difficult to gel, details hard to pin down.

Don’t panic or lose your focus. Rather, take advantage of this moment of unexactness to make adjustments to projects, expand ideas, confer with a mentor. Take time to sit with your own thoughts and feelings, see what emerges, jot it down. Relationships of all sorts will likely be of concern. Let your spirit shine through your communications, with others, and with yourself.

So when the Full Moon in Libra arrives at 12:18 PM PDT on April 6, you will be ready for the balancing act, filled with confidence, regardless of outcome. The Venus-ruled Libra Moon will be focused on love, and the weighing of me-needs versus you-needs can literally drag you to compromise. Be prepared and willing, and your day will feel like a success, despite the Moon’s moving to conjunct Saturn by nighttime. Maintain a positive attitude so that Saturn casts no pall on an otherwise pleasant day.

By Saturday, April 7, the Moon moves into Scorpio, and trines Neptune. Despite Venus sitting in flirty Gemini, it squares Neptune, and all of this may have you more inner- than outer-directed. By Sunday, April 8, the Sun is moving into an opposition with Saturn, and the Moon opposes Jupiter. This energy of the week-end may balance somber with celebratory, but could be very fitting if you’re participating in any Easter or Passover rituals.

Expect the mood to lighten when the Moon moves into Sagittarius, opposes Venus, and the two square Neptune, forming a mutable T-square midday on April 9. While this arrangement won’t necessarily promote intimacy it should bring out our kind and compassionate natures. At the same time, having the Moon in a fire sign will accentuate the Aries energy of the Sun and Uranus. Take a hike, get together with friends for lunch, or spend an afternoon volunteering at a non-profit organization. You’ll have plenty of energy so put it to good use.

Meanwhile, Mars slows, and remains in a T-square with Neptune and Venus, where it’s been since April 3. Passions may be aroused, but confused; you may be unsure where to direct them. The Sun’s waxing opposition to Saturn gets ever closer to exact, and you may question whether you are even visible to those you admire. This is a clue to go inward. Let the analysis be an inner one. Remain open to change, not just outer changes, but maybe more importantly, inner ones as well.

At 8:53 PM PDT on April 13 Mars stations direct at 3 degrees Virgo. Don’t expect earth shattering energetic change right away. Yes, projects that have been in the hopper for awhile may get a boost into action. But Mars will be in its shadow until mid-June, and will not get “up to speed” for some weeks. As it moves forward over territory that it covered while retrograde, look for issues that emerged during that time to re-emerge in ways that allow you to take a different attitude or behavior toward them. This, my friends, is opportunity for conscious change.

The Sun’s opposition to Saturn is exact on April 15, and then begins to wane. The fiery energy of Sun in Aries has its last fling, and on April 19, the Sun moves into Venus-ruled fixed-earth Taurus, the second stage of this spring season. Mercury moves back into Aries on April 17, joining Uranus for what I’m calling a spectacular New Moon event. At 12:17 AM PDT April 21, the Moon joins the Sun for the Taurus New Moon.

The Taurus New Moon helps to form a very interesting formation called a Kite, with aspects connecting it to Mars, Pluto, Neptune, and of course the Sun. A Kite is a Grand Trine (here in earth between Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn, and the New Moon/Sun combo in Taurus) with a fourth planet opposed to one of the planets in the Grand Trine, and sextiled the other two. According to Bill Tierney in Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, “The planet that is sextile to the two points of the Grand Trine represents a stimulating outlet for the creative outpour of this configuration.”

The sextiled planet? Neptune in Pisces, opposed Mars in Virgo. These two planets have been opposed for weeks now. Not only are their signs opposites, but the nature of the planets are quite disparate as well. Neptune is the mystic, Mars is the warrior. Neptune is about imagination, connection and compassion. Its shadow is getting lost in fantasy, deception, and addiction. Mars is about desire, action, courage under fire. It’s shadow is blind movement forward, violence, and self-centeredness.

The question of this New Moon to me is can we utilize this positive earthy flow of energy in a way that is healing for individuals, relationships, the planet? Can we alter some course of events that can prevent or avert violence or degradation, or can we bring justice to bear on past violence or degradation? Can we produce beautiful (Venus-ruled Taurus) art, music? Can we ease transitions for those individuals, institutions, and nations undergoing major transformation?

It’s important to point out that the Pluto-Uranus square is slowly waxing closer and closer. The demand for major dynamic changes is increasing its demand. We see it reflected in activity all around us.

We have an enormously creative opportunity in this Taurus New Moon month. Jupiter remains in Taurus as well, though it is not aspected in the New Moon chart. Nevertheless, Jupiter’s influence for benefit cannot be underestimated. The Kite formation strengthens, then weakens, as the Sun moves through Taurus, but nevertheless lasts until the end of the month. May it not come to naught.

Push for the positive and creative in yourselves. Have a dynamic April!

See you in May!

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