Delays, Miscommunications & Mistakes

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer Last Thursday, February 6th, we began Mercury retrograde or Red Communications, as it's called in the Guide and this cycle lasts through February 28th. So we're in a period now when there are delays, miscommunications and confusion. You may also be discovering things you forgot to do, or thought you did, but instead they slipped through the cracks. Or perhaps they were done wrong? Now they show up and demand your attention. In fact you may need to reschedule someone or something off your schedule so you can handle it.

In business this can be challenging, mainly because our culture doesn't appreciate mistakes. In fact there's nearly a religious belief that if we're competent, we shouldn't make mistakes. From the Universe's point of view though, that's insane (well, perhaps it would choose a slightly, different word) and it wouldn't be very interesting either. Without mistakes we wouldn't learn anything new. So one of the primary purposes of this cycle is to SLOW us down so we can LEARN something new.

This often means that computers and other forms of electronic equipment, including phones, emails, faxes, tablets, and i-XXXX, can all have challenges. Our cars can break down or traffic can be delayed more than usual. Items we expect from others may not arrive on time, and travel can have slow or missed flights.

This is the time to redo tasks, not start new ones. At this point in time, we're reconsidering our needs, and especially now, we don't really know what they are. This is particularly true, since no one, (yes really, not even me) will know where they are headed for the next two years until at least the end of May. And then your needs may not become clear until the end of the next Mercury retrograde cycle at the end of June.

Now is the time to redo anything, rethink, review, rewrite, replan, reconfigure, recycle, repair, etc. It's also a fabulous time to clean out closets (even better to do it now, while the weather outside is bad) and donate or sell items you no longer need. It's a good time to look back at photos, make photo albums, recontact old friends and family members you haven't connected with in awhile. In business, it's an ideal time to reconnect with old customers who haven't contacted you in awhile.

This particular Mercury retrograde we're likely to continue rethinking our finances or relationships, since we just finished with Venus retrograde at the end of January. Venus is still traveling through the area she retraced and she will not get into new territory until March 3rd. So you have until March 3rd to finalize your financial or relationship plans. See below for other considerations.

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