Cycles of Power at the End of August 2012

Five "Eclipses" in 13 Days!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer The first cycle I want to mention is one that’s associated with confused or deceptive leaders. This cycle, which is Sun opposite Neptune, first came into range on August 19th and it peaks on August 24th. It will stay in range through August 30th. In general, leaders may experience having a vision that they cannot articulate well enough to others, so that others will get on board with it. It can also be a period when we don’t know what the right strategy is for moving forward to solve a challenge. Our leaders may be in the limelight at this time, and if so, they may be misleading or confusing us. So be careful what you believe! Also notice that this cycle occurs during the Republican National Convention, which is August 27 – 30th.

This cycle is mediated by Mars sextile to the Sun and trine Neptune. So there is help available from others to take important actions to move forward with your vision of what you want to accomplish. This assistance is here now through August 30th and it first came into range on August 18th. Sun sextile Mars is energizing and can give us the extra energy needed to accomplish a task. Mars trine Neptune though really prefers to relax, meditate, go for a swim, watch a movie, or get a massage. So if you get that task done that you need to accomplish, give yourself some time to relax as well.

On a personal note, it’s important not to deceive yourself during this period. If you’re feeling unclear about how to move forward, just wait until you gain clarity. This cycle can also be a time when others deceive or mislead us, but this cannot occur if we’re not willing to deceive or mislead ourselves. With both the Sun and Neptune square the Nodes of the Moon, we can also easily be pulled off-track via deceptions. So be careful what you believe at this time!

We get past most of these challenges (Sun square Nodes and opposite Neptune) on August 30th. However, Neptune continues to strongly square the Nodes through September 20th, and remains in lesser range through December 24th. Unfortunately, this means that our 2012 Presidential election is also subject to fraud and deception.

The cycle of Sun opposite Neptune is aided by using your intuition more than your logic. Your intuition will get you the right answer if you trust it and act upon it. So be sure to check in with your guts and your heart before you make any major decisions. If they’re not in agreement with the idea, just skip it! Remember, science has proven that your guts get the right answer before your brain does.

Next, beginning August 22nd, and peaking on August 29th, we have a cycle that’s associated with powerful leaders and companies. This is the cycle of Sun trine Pluto. This can be a time when major projects or other types of important starts are hitting their stride. Notice that this cycle is also occurring during the Republican National Convention. Leaders are more likely to use their power well at this time, or at the very least, to make it look like they are using their power appropriately. This cycle stays in range through September 5th. The Democratic National Convention is during the last days this cycle is in range.

Next, beginning today, another cycle comes in range which is associated with physical healing. This is the cycle of Mars trine Chiron. This cycle can be a great time to check in with a massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or even an acupuncturist to heal your physical body. This cycle peaks on September 3rd and stays in range through September 12th. Even if you just started a series of treatments during this period it would be very helpful to the effectiveness of the treatments.

Next, beginning August 29th, another cycle comes into range, which is Mars sextile Pluto. This cycle is associated with transforming our motivations and for choosing to take different actions due to the change in our motivations. This cycle is an opportunity for those changes to occur, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will choose to make those changes. Mars is in the sign of Scorpio, which is the archetype of a warrior that will fight to the death, or at the very least get to the bottom of what’s really going on. So this can be an important opportunity to find out what IS going on either internally or with others, and to make some important motivational changes. This cycle peaks on September 3rd and stays in range through September 7th. Notice that this cycle is in range during the entire Democratic National Convention.

Finally, we have a set of cycles that are related to our leaders devaluing our money by printing more of it. This issue is related to the cycles of the Sun semi-square Venus and Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune. We’ve been getting signals for at least a week or ten days that the Federal Reserve is ready to print money again to prop up the economy.