Cancer Full Moon January 12

by Madeline Gerwick

democracyWhat’s coming to light during the Cancer Full Moon on January 12th are freedom and democracy challenges (the Sun and Moon are both square Jupiter and Uranus, which are closely opposite each other). However, a lot of these security issues (Cancer) may be hidden from the public and even some of the leaders involved. Those in power (Sun conjunct Pluto opposite Moon) may not be operating under the highest integrity, while others try to fiercly defend what is right (Mars sextile Pluto, Moon trine Mars). Be alert and aware.

This applies to our personal lives as well, especially if we have sensitive points in our chart that are triggered by this "grand cross". How can you defend your own security while operating at your highest integrity and truth?

Congress appears to be challenged at this time, although that's not exactly news, with revolutionary forces and chaos agents attempting to disrupt proceedings. It’s hard to say how successful the change agents will be, because there is a testimony for hidden forces (Uranus and Eris intercepted, square Sun, Pluto and Moon). Yet they also appear to be quite strong (very exact), so they may be successful, and their actions just aren't as visible.

There’s also a strong tendency to over-expand now. Do your best to avoid this mistake. Wait until near the eclipse on February 9th or 10th to do your new launches or expand your markets. And use this time instead for visioning, making plans for expansion. High growth has unexpected and challenging surprises associated with it this month. Wait until next month when it has a better chance at unimpeded success. If you need to hit a home-run with a product introduction, web site launch, new company start, or signing an important contract, contact me very soon for a custom timing and we'll find the most auspicious date.

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

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