Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff Already!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThe last full moon of 2012 happens December 28th! What’s coming to light at this Full Moon are unexpected power issues. This could show up in multiple ways. We could literally have major power outages around the country or the world. Or we could see protest movements related to power issues. This may or may not apply to just the USA. It’s certainly interesting timing with the so-called Fiscal Cliff occurring just 4 days after this Full Moon.

For the US, there are major issues to be handled at this time, which are front and center. This is shown by the Sun and Pluto conjunct in the 1st house both opposite the Moon in the 7th house and all of them square to Uranus in the 4th house. From this perspective, the US may be facing another credit rating cut. We’ll see what happens!

It also appears that Congress, amidst its fighting, is extending the deadline for the “Fiscal Cliff.” It looks like they are making some adjustments to prevent the taxes from increasing and the across-the-board budget cuts from occurring on January 1st. Hopefully this will include an adjustment for the debt ceiling too, which is at the limit.

There is a way around the challenges in this chart. In fact, this is a case where we have two paths, an easy one and a hard one. The easy path is shown by Saturn sextile the Sun and Pluto plus the Moon trine Saturn. This path provides stability and structure while we make the changes. This path also shows leaders being responsible to do what’s right for the greater good. Theoretically gold will now become the same as money for banks and bank loans on January 1st. This is an example of an easier path set up by the Basel III requirements for banks. We’ll see if this happens.

The hard path, which is shown by the Sun, Pluto and the Moon all square Uranus, creates disruption and chaos in the process of making the changes. You can make your own changes or the Universe will make them for you! The key to which path you take is dependent on how resistant you are to needed changes. If you’re willing to make the changes, you get the easy path. If you’re not willing, you may get the hard one.

The easy path with Saturn sextile Pluto peaked December 26th. That cycle, which is associated with opportunities to make structural changes, stays in range through April 23rd. The cycle of Sun sextile Saturn, which is associated with responsible leaders peaks December 30th and stays in range through January 2, 2013.

This Full Moon also shows that we can take fortunate actions now, which will result in positive situations and outcomes. This cycle, which is Mars trine Jupiter, came in range yesterday on December 27th. It’ll peak on January 4th, and stays in range through January 12th. Between now and January 12th, take as many fortunate actions as possible and choose dates from my Good Timing Guide with good Final Results to take them.

Lastly, this Full Moon chart still strongly suggests severe winter storms, and power outages, much like the December 21st, Winter Solstice chart did. So please, folks, if you're in an area prone to volatile weather, be sure you have extra supplies on hand for power outages. Power outages can also come from severe solar flares this year, which are supposed to peak in 2013. So this is not just an issue for the winter. Be sure you keep extra supplies on hand for emergency periods all year long.

Next, 2013 starts with three opportunities. These cycles require you to take action in order to gain benefits from them. The first one, which is Mars sextile Uranus, is related to making a breakthrough easily. Using this energy, you can get out of ruts and push forward with actions you’ve wanted or needed to take for years.

The second cycle, which is Mercury sextile Neptune, is associated with inspirational ideas that could lead you to a breakthrough. This cycle is also excellent for forgiveness. Note that this set of cycles is not about knowing what the whole plan is ahead of time. It’s not about the details or the “how,” it’s about the “what.” Remember that nothing ruins a good “what” like a “how,” so follow your intuition and allow the Universe to lead you along your path, trusting that it will unfold before you. Skip looking too far ahead for details. Stick with your inspirational idea and have a breakthrough!

The breakthrough cycle of Mars sextile Uranus came in range on December 27th. It peaks on December 30th and stays in range through January 3rd. The inspirational cycle of Mercury sextile Neptune comes in range on December 30th, peaks very late on December 31st PST. It stays in range through January 2, 2013.

In addition, there’s a third opportunity that comes in range on December 31st. This cycle, which is Jupiter sextile Uranus, can bring in unexpected growth opportunities. However you must take action in order for that to occur. Opportunities are there for you to pursue, but they don’t demand action. This cycle stays in range through March 29th. It’s already peaked for the last time, but it stays within one degree of exactness between January 25th and March 4th, which suggests these opportunities are strong.

Finally, there’s a fourth cycle which can bring flashes of intuition or solutions to challenges out-of-the-blue. This cycle, which is Mercury square Uranus, is not good for details! Who needs them when you have the whole solution? Madeline Gerwick's Good Timing NewsletterJust take the idea and run with it. The downside of this cycle is it’s also associated with car accidents or making career-limiting statements. So be CAREFUL when driving and speaking! This cycle comes into range on December 29th, peaks on January 3rd and stays in range through Jan 7th.

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