Astrology Predictions 2011

by Laura Waldman

Laura Waldman Astrologer

Astrology Predictions 2011

In 2011 expect a burst of energy, enthusiasm, and courage starting the third week of January and really escalating in the middle of March. This movement of two planets - Jupiter and Uranus - into the sign of Aries is exciting news. Since the year 2005 we have weathered many tests and experienced resistance of the sort that caused us to hone our motives and develop our strengths. Now it is time to “Just Do It”!

The way forward is more clear in 2011 so notice your desires and hop out there to make them happen. Express yourself, experiment and go to the next level. The planets will give you the confidence you require. Historically, this coming 7-year period mirrors the late 1920's and early 1930's, when pioneers of aviation and media were pushing known boundaries in solo flights and with technologies such as film and television that appeared at that time like miracles. Aries is an energy of great strength and the athletes who broke records then became popular heroes. Now it’s time to be your own champion!

Aries also represents the God of War, so be aware that your zealous quest could be damaging unless you take the feelings and needs of others into account. Challenge your world with gusto and also respect the rights of others and exercise fairness and cooperation. Have respect for your competitors and use your courage to defend the underdog. When I think of Aries I think of Xena Warrior Princess or of Mel Gibson in Braveheart bellowing “Freedom!”

Aries is the impulse of life force that propels the plants to grow and the animals to mate every spring. So, 2011 is a year of fresh beginnings. In the same spring season, the slow moving planet Neptune enters a sign that it has not traversed since the Mid-1800s. It is in Pisces, a sign of completions, letting go, mysticism, and reverie. This imaginative compassionate sign is very connected to the subconscious mind, and subtle planes of existence. We will have yearnings or actual experiences of union with The Divine Source. That may be sublime, or it may feel scary like a loss of control. Confusion, denial or escapism can enter the picture. Pisces energy can be very creative so allow yourself some time for solitude and contemplation. Cultivate deeper trust in your intuition.

The oceans, oil and drugs will be in the news, so look for a lot of emphasis there. The romantic movement in The Arts was important when this sign was activated before, and many political movements - such as the Abolitionists and Suffragettes – grew which were based in compassion for the downtrodden. The first hospitals were formed as well. You can be satisfied during the Neptune in Pisces period by finding a direct way to do direct service work.

Another inspirational activation of Neptune in Pisces will bring an idealism to international respect for diversity and cultural exchange. The North Node of the Moon will enter the sign of Sagittarius this year around February 13. This is a very idealistic placement and we should see more fruitful exchanges of wisdom and curiosity about varied belief systems.

In early June and lasting all summer, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, moves into the stable grounded sign of Taurus. We will take the impulses of Spring and apply them in practical ways. Taurus says, "Show me the money." We will be able to discern the most viable and productive of the projects we were splattering all over the place in the spring, and take our time to institute them. Taurus is a very socially gracious and artistic sign that should be great for summer romance.

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