Astrology Gets Fresh is here to guide astrology into a new era - an era in which the value of astrology is understood and accepted by the greater culture. For too long astrology has been relegated to the spiritual-hokus-pocus sideshow, where it's reputation does not match its promise. delivers astrological content in a fresh framework - new digs, you might say - so that the content delivered gains the respect it deserves.

In The Night Speaks, Steven Forrest approaches the subject of astrology's "bad" reputation. In his practical and illuminating style, he outlines some of the reasons astrology deserves more cred that it gets. If you're already convinced of astrology's validity, this book will help shore up your reserves of ammunition for the next time someone raises an eyebrow at you for mentioning a Saturn transit. And if you're wavering on the shores of curiosity, but still not convinced, this quick read is a good place to start your journey.

And to carry on the good work of furthering the proliferation of astrology's new and improved image in the world, FindAnAstrologer will provide cutting-edge content, including up-to-date information, database driven, professional astrologer profiles, interviews, video and streaming audio with the best astrologers in the world.

For too long astrology information has been cloaked in a package that was always too, well, purple. Don't get us wrong, we love purple. But constantly living in the shadow of animated twinkling stars, fairies, unicorns and magic has done nothing to further astrology's reputation. We're not here to put down those kinds of presentations - not at all. We love that sensibility. We're just here to give serious, intellectually stimulating, philosophically engaging, practical, useful, transformative information in a fresh package that helps deliver the message in a new way. Think of it as a new pair of clothes. You wouldn't go to most job interviews dressed up for Halloween, right? Not because Halloween is bad - we LOVE Halloween! You get the point...

So to that end, let us know how we're doing. And if you have any ideas along the way, let us know. We're all ears. Join us as we take astrology into the great unknown of this shaky, trembling, exciting future that awaits us all.