September Astrocycles 2014

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley Astrologer

We can look at September as a process of shifting from the past to the future, making a leap of consciousness between September’s start and its finish. We begin the month with questioning and doubt, proceed to allowing old patterns to be released, and finally, end the month with enthusiasm about building a new future. Part of the work will be conscious and intentional; part of the work will be unconscious, processed in the dream world, and as we live and breathe. Sometimes confusion, overload, and spaciness can be a good thing, to be allowed and accepted during an important shift. This is one of those times.

September opened with Mars and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio, an intensity of feeling we inherited from the prior month. As this conjunction lingered, we had the opportunity to flip the switch on the frustration and/or anger we may have had toward things and people during the last few weeks. We had the opportunity to shift our focus, notice what about those things and people were most truly irritating and ask “to what part of myself does this relate?” It’s very like a dream interpretation, where the characters and plot are all metaphors for parts of ourselves. Scorpio wants us to go deep, be honest, stop projecting. And the positive manifestation of planets Mars and Saturn can be very helpful here if we but concentrate on our own responsibility. The fact that the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces were still in opposition boosted the willingness to take such a step.

Late on September 1, Mercury shifted from its own sign of Virgo, into Libra. The Sun in Virgo was trine Pluto in Capricorn, keeping our feet on the ground. On September 2, the Moon in Sagittarius formed a fire grand trine between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. If we were diligent in our willingness to take responsibility for ourselves, this burst of fire and enthusiasm may have improved our relationships, and our mood.

September 4 brought tension back to the fore as the Moon in Capricorn made a conjunction with Pluto and squared Uranus, emphasizing the need to continue making changes, both in ourselves and in the world. News of ceasefires and possible truces notwithstanding, the world seemed on the brink of even more war, as U.S. and other western diplomats spoke harshly about ISES, and taking more military action against them. It is easy to think and feel that “I’m not making war! I’m not committing atrocities!” yet Neptune in Pisces reminds us that we are all connected. We all have shadowy parts, and if we do not keep working to bring those parts into consciousness, we can create negativity. We also all can play a role in making a more peaceful world.

Venus made her move into Virgo on September 5, and began building toward an opposition to Neptune. Jupiter and Pluto were in exact quincunx. These aspects continue for a week and are strong energies for change in positive ways. Struggles for power, in multiple contexts, are in need of negotiation, and the spirit for negotiation begins to come into clear focus. The question remains, “can we actually see clearly, or are we blinded by illusion and dreams of heroic conquest?” Luckily Mercury is in Libra, assisting the negotiations by a mental state willing to see multiple sides of a situation.

Each day of the first week of the month the Moon moved toward fullness. On September 8, at 6:38 PM PDT, the Moon is full in the sign of Pisces, conjunct Chiron and trine Saturn. Mercury in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter remains quincunx Pluto, and Venus remains opposed to Neptune. It is a time to pay attention to, listen, and heed your intuition. This is the final “super” moon of the year, being somewhat closer to the earth than usual. It will be a watery, spiritual and very emotional Full Moon. With its aspects, particularly the conjunction to Chiron, dreams, flashbacks, and other reminders of early childhood could come to you. These could bring a mixture of feelings, lighting up what’s been in the dark for too long. If so, take the opportunity to ponder, write, or talk to someone. There is potential for great healing now, a time to release old held feelings, beliefs, and conditioning. What used to take years, can now be processed rapidly at the accelerated pace our world is moving. Take advantage, let go, let be.

This is also a Full Moon of compassion. It’s a great time to take some action, no matter how small, toward making a better world. A single act of kindness to another, and one to yourself, create ripples of goodness flowing into the world.

In the second week of September, we have a cardinal T-square forming, as Mercury in Libra builds to an opposition with Uranus and squares Pluto. We’ve all been aware of the huge changes occurring in these years of the Uranus/Pluto squares. But have we been able to finesse the changes, work with the different energies and individuals involved in manifesting them? Most of us will probably say, “not always.” Change is challenging, even in the best of times. The pace of change in our current context can easily overwhelm us, have us wanting to just shut off the input, and distract ourselves with trivia. Try to face the truth. This T-square with Mercury in Libra allows us to bring some diplomacy to difficult situations, apply tact, and ease tensions by validating various points of view.

Mercury in Libra and Venus in Virgo are in mutual reception (each in a sign the other rules). Venus can thus assist in the peace building as she moves from a waning opposition with Neptune to a waxing trine with Pluto, encouraging Mercury to communicate peacefully, carefully, with heart.

On September 13, Mars transitions out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, immediately beginning to build to a square with Neptune. Mars, being a planet of action and quick movement, will be comfortable in fiery, adventurous Sagittarius. We just hope, considering the religious zeal with which far too many war zones are heated right now, that this combination doesn’t fan the flames. Mars will start out squaring Neptune, where, on the one hand, it could have its jets cooled by some compassion and a capacity to see the bigger picture. Or, on the other hand, fantasies could be heightened by delusion and we see even more dangerous risk-taking behavior.

The third week of the month will be dominated by two impulses, with the possibility of very different outcomes. There will be enthusiasm for taking action, and making change. There will be the need to cast off shadows from our past, and move on. The question is will we take the high road of the pure of heart, do the healing we need to do, and move on? Or will we avoid the tough decisions, take the low road of the “same ‘ol same’ol,” choose fantasy over reality, and tread water. Most of us will probably come out somewhere in between, and there’s no shame in that! It’s progress, not perfection, that we’re looking for here.

The final days of September are very full. On September 22, at 5:36 PM PDT, Pluto stations direct, activating the waxing square with Uranus, which becomes exact in December. Two hours later, at 7:30 PM PDT, we have the Fall Equinox, when the Sun moves into Libra, there are equal daylight and night time hours, and the seasons change. Whenever we begin a new season, we have strong cardinal energy, energy for starting, initiating, bringing new ideas into manifestation! And looking at the aspects of the days ahead, there can be no doubt that, despite our usual feelings of “winding down” the year in the season of autumn, this year’s autumn will not be one of resting.

On September 23, at 11:13 PM PDT, there is the New Moon at 1 degree of Libra. At that moment, Jupiter in Leo is in a strong waxing trine to Uranus in Aries, while Mars in Sagittarius is just beginning to come into a waxing trine with both Jupiter and Uranus. Mars is still in waning square to Neptune. These aspects speak very loudly that this new lunar cycle is one of enthusiastic creative energy, just the thing for generating concepts of spiritual collaboration and freedom! We’ve got the planets of religion and spirituality interacting with those of freedom and creativity, in positive ways. Don’t be surprised if your own belief systems begin to undergo some en-light-ening. Welcome it, explore it, join the universe in conversation!

In the final days of the month, we will also see Jupiter begin a square with Saturn. This won’t necessarily stifle our creative juices, but it will require a more realistic approach to achieving our dreams. It could have you questioning your confidence, or bringing in another perspective that is more practical and realistic. Saturn does have ways of appearing to limit personal freedom, and can feel like one is being held back. However, more often than not, Saturn’s energy enhances true freedom by making sure our forward movement is responsible, well-planned, and thoughtful.

Mercury moves from Libra into Scorpio at 3:40 PM PDT September 27, and begins to build toward a trine with Neptune. Think deeply, think passionately, feel the connectedness of all beings. Mercury in Scorpio can sometimes move us straight to truth and the desire to communicate that, regardless of outcome. The Moon is also in Scorpio on the 27th, and conjuncts Saturn late in the day. Chances are the influence of Saturn may quell any embarrassing outbursts, but if some should slip out (Jupiter is in Leo, after all), try using a bit of Venusian charm to calm things down.

At 2:00 PM PDT on September 29, Venus moves from Virgo into her own sign of Libra, joining the Sun in the first sign of Fall. Meanwhile Mars in Sagittarius builds toward a Fire Grand Trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. We will look forward to seeing the strength of that trine in events come October.

I’ll be back in October! See you then!


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