July 2014 Astrocycles: Time for Integration

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerThere were no explosive aspects or tooting horns in the first moments of July this year! In fact, considering all the inner work we’ve been required to do these past few months, you could almost say the universe was handing us a breather. Yes, Pluto and Uranus were still in square aspect, and the Sun added to them for a T-square, but the aspects were not so close as to create goosebumps. Mercury was still retrograde, but stationing, and went direct before most of us got up in the morning. Mars was still sitting rather unhappily in Libra, but looking forward to moving into Scorpio before the month is out.

OK, so we don’t exactly get the month off. July is filled with gradual and more subtle changes that allow us to assimilate those more abrupt and startling changes from recent months. And finally, after seven months of one personal planet after another being retrograde, we’ll only have the outer planets retrograde! Hooray!

We’ll have Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter changing signs. We’ll be in a Cancer New Moon cycle until the New Moon in Leo on the 26th. We’ll have Saturn and Uranus, both stationing, and thus barely moving, remaining in a quincunx aspect for the entire month.

To me these all say, “Have a heart. Be kind…to yourself and others.” Realize that we’ve all been through some difficult experiences, some more intense than others. And we’re not done yet. We are still implementing, integrating, assimilating, and/or rebirthing. We may feel a bit delicate, suffering from PSCGCE (post traumatic Cardinal Grand Cross effects). We need to reflect on how to best implement the changes either thrust upon us or willingly entered into. That’s where the Saturn/Uranus quincunx comes in.

A quincunx is a rather odd aspect, not as often used by astrologers as the conjunction, square, opposition, trine, and sextile. But it is a very interesting aspect, and perhaps worth some exploration here. It is a 150-degree angle, and connects two signs of both differing element as well as mode. When we look at Saturn in Scorpio, a water sign in the fixed mode, and Uranus in Aries, a fire sign in the cardinal mode, we have truly different sign energies. Then we look at the two planets. On the one hand, Saturn represents regularity, obeying of the rules, persistence, and the status quo. On the other hand, Uranus represents abrupt change, breaking free of the rules, impatience, and innovation. Thus, they do have difficulty understanding one another because they have so little in common. If they weren’t in this particular aspect, with an approximately 2 degree orb, they would be more like ships passing in the night. They’d be aware the other energy was there, but just not have to deal with it.

Whenever there is an aspect, there is a need to integrate the two energies. One must experience both, acknowledge and accept both, and then work to integrate them, make them work together. With a quincunx, this is not an easy task. For many people, it may very well not be done. Rather than integrate the energies, a person might separate, isolate, or compartmentalize the energies, pretend they are strangers and need to be kept that way. The same is true for quincunx aspects in a natal chart, or in composite (relationship) charts. For those of us attempting to grow in consciousness, however, to increase our capacity to move forward, evolve, and contribute to the world positively, it is imperative that we work to bring these energies together.

Given that Uranus has been in Aries for over 3 years, and Saturn has been moving through Scorpio since last October, you no doubt have some idea what each planet is asking of you. You have some idea of what Uranus is waking up in you, the way it wants you to break free and move in a new direction in some area of your life. Saturn has been asking you to go deeper emotionally, face reality, and restructure the area of life reflected by the house it is transiting. You may feel that either, or both, planets may have stretched you in ways you never expected, yet by now, you must also be coming to the understanding that by cooperating with these planetary transits, you will reap major rewards.

So how can we approach this quincunx aspect of Saturn and Uranus this month? I think it is helpful to know that the aspect lasts all through the month. Both planets are slowing to station, Saturn to go direct, and Uranus to go retrograde. They are both at 16-17 degrees of their respective signs, and remain so through the month. I would say that the slowing favors Saturn. The need of Saturn in Scorpio for us to feel our way to a new Uranian freedom may be the key. But Uranus in Aries must not in any way be underestimated, for it is a strong energy needing a powerful and full response. We must honor both.

We know we need freedom to bring a new part of our life into reality; we need to feel the optimal timing; and we need to feel our way into an optimal manner for this Uranian innovation to be revealed—in order that it be received and integrated into our world. It should not come as a surprise that many Uranian ideas and ways of being are rejected by much of consensus society, at least in the beginning. That fact must not stop us from bringing them into manifestation. I believe that this Saturn/Uranus quincunx may be here to assist us in finding more palatable doorways for our Uranian innovations to walk through. We must take risks, but we can be more calculating than impulsive.

As we ponder, and allow the Saturn/Uranus quincunx to be explored, by ourselves and the collective, we can also be aware that various planets are changing signs, and the Moon continues to dance her way through the zodiac. In other words, life goes on, even in July! It’s interesting to note that on July 4, the national holiday when fireworks are regularly displayed, the Sun was opposing Pluto. The opposition was strong all through the holiday weekend. Anyone have some internal fireworks? Perhaps resistance to how the “game” was played?

On July 9 and 10, the Cancer Sun forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Perhaps as a reminder of our connection with all that is, an above normal level of empathy could be expected. And with Venus and Mercury in Gemini, you may want to communicate about it with others, especially when the Moon opposes the Gemini planets on the July 10.

July’s Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on July 12 at 4:24 AM PDT. Mars is conjunct the North Node. Mercury is about to enter Cancer. A Full Moon in Capricorn is cardinal, initiative energy. Think of the light of the Moon illuminating our dreams of accomplishment…or seeing the power of authority in our lives in a whole new light. Are we executing our own authority or giving it over to others in an unbalanced way? Are we taking care of our responsibilities properly and maturely?  Are we structuring our lives, and still nurturing ourselves, in order to achieve our aspirations? All of these questions, and more, are good to reflect upon during this Capricorn Full Moon.

That same day, July 12, Mercury leaves its own sign of Gemini and enters Cancer at 9:45 PM PDT. In so doing, Mercury leads the parade of planets changing signs before the end of the month. With Mercury moving into Cancer, where it was when it stationed retrograde on June 7 at 3 degrees, it will soon move out of its shadow, and march forward unimpeded. The mental planet in an emotional sign says we can now speak about feelings more easily. It’s no longer “just the facts” but communication that takes the heart into consideration.

After a year in the emotional water sign of Cancer, Jupiter enters Leo at 3:31 AM PDT on July 16. Chances are we will notice this change of energy, in that Leo is a fire sign, and Jupiter rules another fire sign, Sagittarius, so is quite comfortable in Leo. Leo likes to have fun, be creative, enjoy hobbies, play, flirt with romance, and most important, can be attentive to the inner—and outer— child! Given Jupiter likes doing things that benefit the world, wouldn’t it be great if Jupiter’s entrance into Leo coincided with the rescue of the young girls in Uganda kidnapped by the Boka Harum, and/or a humanitarian solution to the children from Central America stuck at the border of the U.S. feeling unwanted?

At the time of Jupiter’s entrance into Leo, the Sun is square the nodes, and Mars is conjunct the North Node in Libra. Let’s look for a heroic act of courage that can bring about a future, of which we can be proud, for these and all children!

Just two days later, on July 18, Venus joins Mercury in Cancer at 7:07 AM PDT. At the time, Mercury is trine Neptune, so there could be a little difficult in maintaining focus that day, but also a lot of warm, fuzzy feelings. For the first week Venus is in Cancer, she will also be building to a trine with Neptune. This could be a good time to do some mending of relationships, with children, parents, loved ones, including oneself. Also a good time for charitable work, and actions which assist others.

Saturn stations direct at 1:36 PM PDT on July 20 at 16 degrees 39 minutes ScorpioThen Uranus stations retrograde at 7:53 PM PDT on July 21 at 16 degrees 31 minutes Aries. At the time, Pluto is exactly opposite Mercury in Cancer at 11 degrees. It brings to mind more of the Pluto/Uranus square dynamic, but it is a relatively weak T-square. We are reminded, however, that there will be yet another exact Pluto/Uranus square before the year is over. And anyone with planets at the degrees of the stationing planets will feel this change more than most.

We start the final week of the month with the Sun entering Leo at 2:42 PM PDT on July 22, and conjuncting Jupiter. The two will remain conjunct through the end of the month, emphasizing Leo qualities of the generous heart, the creative spirit, and playful child! Be careful of feeling overconfident! Confidence is good. Overconfidence can be risky. Also watch for drama, and avoid if possible.

On July 25, Mars breathes a sigh of relief as it moves out of uncomfortable Libra and enters its own sign of Scorpio at 7:40 PM PDT on July 25. It was a long and somewhat painful retrograde period for Mars, but now that it’s in solid forward direction, and in Scorpio, Mars couldn’t be happier. There’s intensity, passion, complexity, and intuitive action. Challenging circumstances? Mars in Scorpio dives right in…fearlessly. Mars will be in Scorpio until mid-September, so if Scorpio is your thing, enjoy the steamy attitude while it lasts!

The next day, July 26, we have a New Moon in Leo at 3:42 PM PDT. The New Moon and Sun, at 3 degrees Leo, are also conjunct Jupiter and square Mars. Quite a powerful combo! Do your moments of visioning, set intentions for ideas and goals you’d like to create, manifest, or bring to fruition. Tune in to the Leo energy, commit to your goals, and open yourself to receive!

On July 24, Venus in Cancer begins building to an exact opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. One can only wonder if there will be some event relative to the Pluto opposition to Venus in the U.S. chart that occurred in March of 2009. That aspect revealed to the world the great injustice in the U.S. financial system, the manner in which banks created the subprime mortgage market and mortgage backed securities, lending large sums to low-income people for homes they subsequently lost when the fraudulent house of cards came tumbling down. The Venus/Pluto opposition is exact on July 27 and gradually wanes with the month itself. Look for power struggles related to relationships, financial issues, housing, and security.

The final days of the month see an exact square between Mars and Jupiter. This square is in fixed signs, so there may be a strong desire to accomplish something tangible. And with those energies that definitely can be done! The caution is “biting off more than you can chew,” in other words, trying to do too much in too short a time, and sabotaging yourself in the process. Prioritize, make a plan, and you can achieve your goals!

May your July be exactly what you need! See you in August!

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