Aries New Moon 2013

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerAries New Moon on April 10th, 2013. What’s getting started at the New Moon on April 10th is apparently not something for our eyes, or at least not yet. Whatever it is, it’s being kept hidden from view (Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus, all in Aries and intercepted). It has the potential for some quick actions and changes, which may feel like they’re out of the blue, since we most likely won’t see them coming. It looks like this impacts all of us, whatever it is.

What we can see however, is that Congress is still entrenched in verbiage and passion, but probably no action. Or at least not the kind of actions that would be deemed as “progress.” This might be filibusters, or just plain arguing, to the point of preventing any action or votes. Each side appears to be equally devoted to their cause. The good news is that there appears to be a sudden and unexpected change in structures or crystallized ideas. This may be what we don’t see coming. Let’s hope they finally resolve the budget and debt issues, if those are the issues in which they’re still entrenched.

The stock market looks promising at this time. If it hasn’t dropped significantly yet, then it’s still moving up until it does so. If it hasn’t dropped yet, it’s possible it could do so at any time, since we’re already within the eclipse period. However, with these cycles, the drop may wait until the April 25th Lunar Eclipse to occur. If it has already dropped, then stocks appear to be in a small recovery period.

This period has some good energies for growth (Sun and Moon both septile Jupiter). However, there are also indications that deception and/or illusion are afoot (Sun and Moon semi-square Neptune). Be sure to check in with your guts and your heart before you make any important decisions.

Pluto is also standing still at this point, preparing to move backwards (retrograde) on April 12th. This is our signal to review power and transformation issues. Those who are in power may also discover that their use of power is under review. If this is the case, they will do well to tread lightly while Pluto is retrograde. This is also an ideal time to clean out whatever needs to go. This includes environmental clean-up. This period continues through September 20th.