New Desires, Relationships or Money Issues?

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerNew Desires, Relationships or Money Issues? Beginning March 22nd, a cycle associated with new desires, relationships (including business partnerships), love, or opportunities to make more money comes into range. This cycle (Venus conjunct Mars) is associated with knowing what you want and how to get it. However, be prepared to suddenly change your mind as we go through this process and also realize you may not see something very important. It will take time to gain real clarity as we go through this process.

Venus moves into Aries on March 22nd, and immediately comes in range of this cycle. At that point, although you may think you have clarity about what you want, I assure you, that’s just an illusion. Wait before you make your move. One of the hazards of Venus in Aries is deciding what you want too quickly, before you have a good understanding of your options.

On March 23rd, a second cycle (Venus conjunct Uranus) comes in range, and this cycle is associated with sudden love, unexpected money, or changing desires. This cycle peaks on March 28th and stays in range through April 3rd.

On March 25th, a third cycle comes in range (Venus square Pluto), which is likely related to too much debt, power issues in relationships, or transforming your desires into something you had not considered. This cycle peaks on March 31st and stays in range through April 4th.

And this entire time, there is a fourth cycle operating (Sun conjunct Venus) which is associated with not seeing something important related to money, love, relationships, your desires, or your values. Be aware that you are likely missing important information or misunderstanding something, which would change your desires and the actions to obtain them. This cycle peaks on March 28th, but stays in range through April 24th.

The cycle that started all of this (Venus conjunct Mars) peaks on April 6th and stays in range through April 20th. Between those dates you have a better chance of knowing what you want, but you still might miss seeing something.

To top that off, Mercury, the planet related to our mental processes and thoughts, is in the sign of Pisces, where it has the hardest time, until late on April 13th. So our thinking may be on the fuzzy side until then, but it could also be quite intuitive. Be sure to check in with your heart when you make your choices for what you want.

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