All Eyes on Gemini in June

by Dena DeCastro

Dena DeCastro AstrologerMuch has been written about the current Venus Retrograde (May 15th – June 27th) and its transit across the Sun (June 5th), a rare event that happens in pairs 8 years apart; the pair only happens once a century. For an in-depth look at the transit of Venus and its retrograde, check out Steven Forrest's May newsletter on the Transit of Venus Tony Howard's article on Venus Retrograde. Both provide an insightful look at the technical features of the Venus cycle and also its astrological symbolism. Rather than re-invent that particular wheel, I'd like to investigate the sign wherein the Venus retrograde, its transit -- and so much other activity -- takes place throughout June: Gemini.

A Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini occurred on May 20th, within the same window as Venus' retrograde passage through the sign. The Sun will also be taking up its yearly residence in Gemini from May 20th through June 20th. The transiting South Node is currently near the end of its trek through the sign of the twins. A second New Moon in Gemini occurs on June 19th (it's another rare event to have two New Moons in a row in the same sign). And just to add a few exclamation points, Jupiter enters Gemini on June 11th, and will reside there for a year – an event that occurs only every 12 years. When a lot of arrows are pointing in the same direction – in this case, toward Gemini – it is a prudent time to investigate the archetype more deeply. What might all this focus on Gemini in the months of May and June mean for us?

I've often had slightly negative reactions from people when I mention the sign of Gemini. The implied duplicity of the sign of "The Twins" brings to mind some unflattering key-words: two-faced, split-personality, scattered. Unfortunately, the shadow aspects of any sign are what the populous often latches onto, and the sign then becomes a rather cartoonish version of itself. Lest the Geminis out there take offense, I want to be clear that I'm not shaming those with a Sun sign of Gemini. But if there is a high concentration of planetary energies activating one area of the Zodiac, we should all be aware of the tendency to play out the shadow as well as the positive qualities of that sign.

One of the shadow expressions of Gemini is the ability to say one thing while meaning another, or to say things that are just plain untrue. It's not that there is an intent to lie, per se, but there can be a distortion of the truth and a willingness to arrange the facts in such a way as to favor a particular viewpoint. We often think of this skill as associated with politicians and lawyers – two professions that stir a distrustful and even cynical response from many of us. With Venus Retrograde, a Solar Eclipse, Jupiter, and the Sun all in Gemini, we might all take a moment to examine the "politician" within ourselves. Where might our own inner "politician" be running amok?

Venus retrograde and transiting the Sun indicates that many of these shadow-Gemini manifestations – our potential for inauthenticity, using "convenient" wording, and being less than truthful – play out in the terrain of relationships (Venus). Its backward movement through Gemini invites us to reconsider how the communication patterns in our close relationships are working – or not. These themes may also crop up in friendships. Where have we maintained a potentially harmful duplicity? Where, in your relationships, do you need more information? What questions do you need to ask? And what are you going to do once you get the answers? That is where your free will comes into play.

The opportunity during this time is to embrace the positive expression Gemini energy. Gemini can be curious, playful, and open-minded. Approaching our partnerships and friendships with these keywords in mind, we may find June to be a very exciting and freeing month wherein we are able to release the habitual thinking, stale behavior patterns, and assumptions that are blocking a true perception of reality.

I'll be covering the entry of Jupiter into Gemini in an upcoming podcast mid-June. Stay tuned!

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