2014 Election Predictions

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerNovember starts rather smoothly with multiple opportunities available and even more opportunities showing up shortly. We have expansive communications, which work well for travel, promotions, and legal issues (last peak of Mercury sextile Jupiter). Politicians look powerful, diplomatic and ready for the Election (Sun and Venus sextile Pluto). They’re still looking for money (Venus sextile Pluto) and probably getting it.

The day of the Election (November 4, 2014) gives a good indication of the mood of the people and how they will vote for their leaders. Essentially, as this day starts, voters on the East Coast are more likely to make radical changes. Depending on who’s in office now, this might mean they vote in some more Tea Party candidates or it might mean they vote in more Republicans.

As the day progresses though, the voters across the country shift their mood. The West Coast voters who vote after 10:00 AM and Midwesterners voting after Noon, are more likely to shift toward leaders who are perceived as optimistic, growth oriented and honest (Jupiter in Leo).

Whether these candidates are considered to be Democratic or Republican is not necessarily evident in the planets, since that could depend on the individuals. However, in general, Saturn represents Republicans (less government) and Jupiter represents Democrats (bigger government). So this time there’s a tendency to elect more Democrats by the West Coast and possibly by the Midwest too.

Will the balance of power shift in the Senate? This is the big question. Notice that in the Full Moon chart for November 6th, this appears to have occurred, or rather it’s in the works to shift. This is shown by  a “revolution” in Congress. What could that mean? Is it possible the House will go to the Democrats and the Senate go to the Republicans? Or will the entire Congress go Republican or Democratic?

The answer is likely to depend on what time the majority of voters cast their ballots. We’ll find out most of the winners on Nov 4th and the close ones should be known by November 6th or shortly after that. All we can know for sure is that Congress changes from the balance of power it has now.

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