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If you are new to astrology and curious to see what it’s all about, this is a great place to start. This hour-long reading provides a foundational look into your own unique configuration of the three most important factors in astrology – the Sun, Moon and Ascendent. This primal triad provides you with a much a richer understanding of your core personality as you move from being one of twelve Sun signs to being one of 1728 different combinations of Sun, Moon and Ascendent. With this elevated level of specificity, we can focus on your core strengths and needs, and outline useful evolutionary strategies fundamental to your personal growth. $60 for 1 hour.

The natal birthchart is a map of the sky showing the location of the sun, moon and all of the planets at the exact time of your birth. Analyzing the symbolism in the birthchart offers you a blueprint for the most rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling life available to you personally. We all have our own unique path in life and your birthchart can show you with extreme precision the best way to follow that path. It can point out the high roads to aim for, the low roads to avoid, and a concrete set of useful strategies that work especially well for you as an individual. Providing you with beneficial and helpful advice for personal, professional and relationship growth this in-depth analysis also covers the central astrological factors that constitute what can be called your “Soul’s Lesson Plan,” providing you with key insights for your spiritual development. $120 for 2-2.5 hours.

Astrology can help you make better and more informed choices in life. One way is through the analysis of your birth chart when you were born, and another is through understanding the impact of where the planets are in your chart right now. You are constantly evolving, and continuously learning new lessons throughout your life. Looking at the current position of the planets today, and tomorrow, can help point you in the right direction and show you what lessons would be most useful for your evolution. The planets can’t tell you specifically what’s going to happen to you, that’s completely up to you—you have the complete freedom to make any choice you want. But the planets do provide you with very specific questions for you to consider, and recommend certain choices over others. They are biased toward your personal growth and often suggest you take a new approach to life’s circumstances in order to reach your highest potential. Understanding this planetary weather, both today and tomorrow, helps you make the wisest, most well-informed decisions for your life. $60 for 1 hour (covering six months ahead), $120 for 2-2.5 hours (covering one year ahead).

New clients need to have a full natal birthchart reading first before scheduling a looking ahead reading.

Self-knowledge is not only essential for personal growth, it is also the key to keeping your relationships healthy and vibrant. With a greater understanding of yours and your partner’s unique personalities and life paths, both of you can more easily grasp what helps make your relationship grow stronger, and what can lead it down bumpier roads. When you and your partner are conscious of the higher ground that works for you as a couple, both of you are likely to feel more emotionally connected and loving during the good times, and much more centered and understanding during the bad. In a relationship reading both yours and your partner’s charts are analyzed to see their interactions together and how they combine to create a solid relationship that is greater than the sum of its parts. $120 for 2-2.5 hours.

Your partner must be informed about the reading before it can move forward, and both of you are welcome to attend the reading should you so choose. Birth times will be required for both you and your partner, as well as the location where you first met.

At least one member of the couple needs to have had a full natal birthchart reading first before scheduling a relationship reading.

To get started you’ll need to track down your birth certificate to find your exact time of birth right down to the minute. (Please provide the time exactly as it appears on your birth certificate and do not adjust it for daylight savings time.) With your exact birthtime, your birthday and your place of birth I can then craft your birthchart.

Readings are comprehensive in nature but if there are any specific areas in your life you would like to focus on please do let me know.

Readings can be done in person at Soul Power Astrology’s consulting office in Ithaca or via cellphone or Skype. Readings will be digitally recorded and available as mp3 files and/or CDs.
Established by Evolutionary Astrologer Jonathan Hall, Soul Power Astrology offers the latest in modern Western astrological techniques to help you grow personally and professionally. Studying and practicing astrology for over 15 years, Jonathan is an apprenticing astrologer under Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest, author of the astrological bestseller The Inner Sky. Forrest’s work has been publicly praised by many, including Robert Downey, Jr., Sting, and Free Will Astrology’s Rob Brezny, and his techniques have been empirically tested by over twenty-thousand clients around the globe. With this time-tested wisdom, Soul Power Astrology will provide you with the essential knowledge and personal insights to truly power your soul.