Hilary Harley

Hilary Harley
Archetypal, Humanistic, Karmic, Psychological, Western
Asteroids, Career, Natal, Past Lives, Predictive, Progressions, Relationship/Synastry, Transits
Hilary Harley
astrology and writing
My 90 minute, taped astrology readings are available for $150.

Readings include: natal charts, transits and forecasts, solar arc and progressions. Please see my website www.hilaryharley.com for more info about my astrology practice, my novel "Ring of Truth", and how to contact me.
Writing and astrology are my passions.

Since 2001, I have been a practitioner of astrology. My teachers and mentors include Monique Pommier, Dietrech Pessin and Joyce Levin. I am a member of the Boston, MA chapter of NCGR, a professional organization for astrologers.

I am also a published author of "Ring of Truth", a novel of two soulmates who cross the ages and rediscover each other in 1860s Paris. There as lovers, Martine Raymond and Alain Mourot remember to honor an ancient vow to free themselves from bondage.

For the last twenty years I have been a student of Kundalini yoga. I make my home near Boston with my husband, two daughters and two Tibetan Terriers.