Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott
Business, Career, Family Dynamics, Financial, Natal, Past Lives, Predictive, Progressions, Relationship, Relocation & Astro*Carto*Graphy, Forecast & Transits
Gregory Scott
Astrology, Tarot, Numerology
Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott is an expert Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Numerologist who does personal, intuitive readings by: email, video, Skype / telephone and in-person in Glastonbury, England.

For your private reading Gregory uses your astrological natal chart, the tarot, your progressed chart, transits, solar return chart, astrocartography and numerology to discover your spiritual soul purpose, to answer your questions and to provide you with intuitive guidance that will help you shape the future to your advantage.

If you prefer he excludes any of these divination tools, please let him know via email or the contact page. Please note that the current wait time for a reading is 6 weeks. If your reading is urgent (or you simply don’t want to wait), please choose one of the urgent readings and he’ll complete your reading within 48 hours.

**15 MINUTE READING** Important questions answered.
**30 MINUTE READING** Extended questions or in-depth natal chart analysis and life purpose guidance.
**45 MINUTE READING** In-depth natal chart analysis including life and soul purpose, questions answered and future trends via solar return and progressed charts with transits.
**60 MINUTE READING** Full birth chart analysis with life and soul purpose explained and any questions answered. Relationship (synastry) readings, future trends via solar return charts for birthday readings and the year ahead, progressed charts and transits for future years and/or astrocartography for ideal geographic locations.
Gregory Scott is a British, German-born Astrologer, Numerologist and Tarot Expert with 20 years of experience as an intuitive and spiritual practitioner who spent his formative years in South Africa.

His ability to identify and communicate the soul’s gifts and challenges through symbolic interpretation in astrology, numerology and the tarot, brings transformation, joy and energy to this 3D, physical reality.

Gregory’s astrological chart contains a triple earth placement; a Virgo Sun, Taurus Ascendant and Capricorn Moon. His strong connection to this earthly reality allows for concrete guidance and specific time frames in his readings.

When Gregory was in his 20s and completing a Master of Arts degree, he became aware that the ego-driven world of academia was taking him away from his true purpose of helping others find spirituality; and found himself losing his own way.

By surrendering his will and life to a power greater than himself on May 10, 2010 he allowed the eternal light of the Universe into his life, which continues to transform him into an instrument of peace and purpose.

The YouTube videos developed organically as an expansion of spirit and extended the personal readings he was doing in his own community. He currently creates daily tarot predictions and weekly astrological horoscopes on his YouTube channel and touches the lives of many by giving personal readings to people all over the planet.

Gregory’s personal experiences with dark nights of the spirit, mind and body; and overcoming these by using the tools of astrology, numerology and tarot add meaning to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wise words: “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”