Fiona Forbes

Fiona Forbes
Evolutionary, Psychological
Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship
Fiona Forbes
Australia 07 46641524
People, consciousness and life as a spiritual journey
Birthchart reading - $150.00 AUD
Transit and Progression reading - $150.00 AUD
Synastry/Composite reading between 2 people - $185.00 AUD
I have been passionate about Astrology since my first reading in 1992. I started practicing Astrology not long after and incorporated Evolutionary Astrology in 2007 after joining Steve Forrest's Australian Apprenticeship Program.
Evolutionary Astrology has provided the 'keys' that lock my perspective of life as a spiritual journey into place through reading the astological symbols as portals to deeper wisdom and understanding of life's cycles.

We are not in this World by chance! We are here by choice! For each of us has very specific lessons to learn that are different from another’s! We attract into our lives the people and situations we most need to learn from. How well we learn depends on our attitude – and the choices we make. Our birthchart is the blueprint of our uniqueness which sets us apart from every other individual on the planet. It contains clues to our gifts...and our challenges. Understanding ourselves through this blueprint is a wonderful (and ongoing) tool for growth. Evolutionary Astrology can help us lead a more empowered life and a more conscious journey. It can help us identify the patterns we are trying to work through; navigate the rocky shores and ocean swells that face us every day; heal and; realize our potential. It is one powerful tool. I believe in utopian altruism and my quest is to help others towards this ideal through the realization of their individual potential and innate spiritual nature. We need more awareness and light on the planet if we are to help raise the vibration of the Earth and create a healthier future.

I lived happily in the mountains on a 370 acre property (on the border of Queensland and New South Wales in Australia) with my partner of 18 years (Jeff) and our 14 year old daughter (Belle) but recently embarked on "the fools journey" by moving to northern New South Wales (as our daughter was accepted into a Steiner School near Byron Bay!)The move feels good although there is still a little too much coming and going between two places at the moment! We are working on "grounding it" to support our future.