Fern Feto Spring

Fern Feto Spring
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Karmic, Psychological, Western
Asteroids, Career, Natal, Progressions, Relationship/Synastry, Transits
Fern Feto Spring
Wisestars Astrology
$25-15 min. "One Question" reading
$65-Tarot Reading
$125-Natal Reading
$200-Relationship Reading

all readings are digitally recorded and sent to you via You Send It.com
Fern Feto Spring M.A. is a counseling astrologer, tarot reader and writer whose sessions blend intuitive and practical insight with compassion and humor. With over 20 years of experience, she thrives on sharing astrology with others.

Clients and students have said, "After the first reading with Fern, I knew so much more about myself and gained valuable insight into why I behave the way I do. I felt like what I got out of that meeting was equivalent to years of therapy. Fern is amazing and I think even skeptics will be impressed with insight gained through a reading with Fern.”

And, “Fern is an amazing teacher! It must be in her blood (or should I say the stars?!) The class was tailored just right for our needs and level of knowledge. I loved the creativity you/we brought to the space. The atmosphere was very supportive, nurturing and welcoming. Thank you so much for an awesome and life-changing experience!"

She has trained with Internationally renowned astrologer Steven’s Forrest and studied flower essences with Asata Gabriel. Besides her consultation practice, Fern teaches astrology and personal growth workshops in California and nationwide.

Fern is the author of "Simply Sacred: Everyday Relationship Magic" and has written for The Mountain Astrologer, Llewellyn Books, Tarot.com, Astrology.com as well as a variety of other publications. She also works as an intuitive consultant, conducting team-building and communications workshops for a number of businesses, schools and non-profit organizations, including Literacy for Environmental Justice and the Urban School.

She lives and gardens avidly, if a bit wildly, in Fairfax, California with her partner and her dog Sweetie.