Mark Jones

Mark Jones AstrologerMark Jones, one of the best Evolutionary Astrologers around, hails from Bristol, England. Mark's unusually profound readings are born from his genius in melding his extensive astrological training with a therapeutic technique called Psychosynthesis.

Mark is a trained, licensed therapist with a vibrant practice. He prides himself on the depth he can achieve with a client in just one session due to his truly revolutionary technique. Definitely an artist and a scholar, Mark delivers an exceptional astrological experience.

Besides being an excellent chart reader, Mark is a superb teacher. His lectures at astrological conferences pack the house, and new listeners become devoted fans overnight. This is thanks to his great speaking talent, which delivers information in a succinct, direct, logical and easy to understand format, with both grace and authority.

Mark is currently at work on his long-awaited second book about counseling dynamics and astrology, due out in early summer 2015. Mark's online astrology school is called The Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology. His school features convenient downloadable lessons. Mark teaches and lectures in the US and across Europe.

A bright and future star of the astrology world, we can't wait to see what Mark does next.

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Selected Works

  • Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes Healing the Soul offers profound insight into the powerful soul dynamics that shape our experience. Its triumph is that it teaches us how to identify and transform powerful internal conflicts and feelings while acknowledging our regenerative capacity for spiritual healing and soul evolution.
  • Astrology the New Generation Mark Jones is featured in this anthology of the newest wave of modern astrologers. Featuring Maurice Fernandez, Nick Dagan Best, Wendy Stacey, Tony Howard and more.
  • Insights into Evolutionary Astrology: A Diverse Collection of Essays by Prominent Astrologers Insights into Evolutionary Astrology: A Diverse Collection of Essays by Prominent Astrologers In this book well-known astrologer Rose Marcus has compiled a collection of illuminating essays by today's foremost evolutionary astrologers--including a chapter by Mark Jones. Mark's chapter titled The Nature and Function of the Planetary Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology offers up a fascinating perspective on Evolutionary Astrology.
  • Psychosynthesis: New Perspectives Psychosynthesis: New Perspectives Psychosynthesis is a psychological approach that includes our spiritual as well as our physical, emotional and mental needs. Mark is one of fifteen authors who explore a variety of perspectives on Psychosynthesis in the modern world, making this collection a must for all practitioners and anyone who wants to further their own personal and spiritual development.