Demetra George

Demetra George Perhaps best known for her work with asteroids, Demetra now stands at the helm of a new frontier of exploration into the techniques of traditional astrology - teachings we haven't had access to for hundreds of years... Demetra captured the imagination of astrologers everywhere as she gave voice to the asteroids with her groundbreaking book Asteroid Goddesses. But after years spent as a Humanistic, Mythic astrologer, Demetra is now profoundly influenced by the recent translations of ancient traditional astrology texts. These texts have changed her life, and her practice.

After working closely with Robert Schmidt, Demetra began to integrate some of these ancient methods into her practice, with profound results. Having gone through a self-imposed "identity crisis" as the result of changing house systems (Traditional Astrology is practiced using Whole Sign Houses), she has now come through the other side of that crisis enlivened and full of the inspiration to share this important material.

At the heart of Demetra's work today are teachings that are grounded in the oldest and longest-practiced techniques of astrology - techniques that haven't been used for hundreds of years. Demetra has made it her mission to educate people about the rich historical tradition of astrology, as a way of reuniting the old world with the new, and integrating the groundbreaking insights of modern astrology back into its rich historical context and age-old tradition.

Demetra received her Masters degree in Classics from the University of Oregon. She has been active in astrology since 1971, and in 2002 she received the renowned Regulus Award in Theory and Understanding. She is the author of Asteroid Goddesses, Astrology for Yourself, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Finding Our Way through the Dark, and her most recent work Astrology and the Authentic Self.

Demetra lectures internationally and since 1992 has led educational tours to the sacred sites of Greece, Egypt and India. These tours provide an excellent opportunity to both learn astrology and become immersed in the rich history and heritage these ancient sites have to offer. Demetra is currently translating a body of Hermetic medical astrological texts from ancient Greek.

Demetra is the director of Thema: Foundations in Astrology, which offers mentoring and individually tailored personal instruction in all levels of astrological education: the fundamentals of interpretation, chart delineation, Hellenistic astrology, mythic asteroids, and ancient Greek for astrologers. Her courses are one-on-one, easy to follow, and a must for anyone who is interested in melding ancient Traditional Astrology techniques with modern theory and practice.

Demetra has also taught The History of Astrology at Kepler College and the University of Oregon, and lives in Eugene, Oregon. Recorded audio coursework is available through her website:

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