Faye Blake

Faye Blake
Archetypal, Karmic, Psychological, Transpersonal, Visual Astrology, Western
Business, Career, Electional or Good Timing, Family Dynamics, Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship, Relocation & Astro*Carto*Graphy, Forecast & Transits
Faye Blake
den Texstraat 32 II
Astrologer, therapist, teacher, writer
Juxtaposition and Amsterdam School of Astrology
Faye has several different rates for personal or company questions. The rates also vary per country so please contact her for more information. faye@fayeblake.nl For private sessions as a guide see www.teaandsympathy.nl for Euros.
Faye Blake, M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, is a New Zealander who has made her home in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She has been an astrologer for many years and she now works in three different areas, all astrology based.

Firstly she is an astrologer and therapist (Inner Child) for individuals. All life's questions arrive at her door but since the publication of her book for astrologers in 2012, 'Vocational Astrology: Finding the right career direction', she has been helping many clients with career counselling. www.fayeblake.nl

Faye also has her own company, Juxtaposition, (www.juxtaposition.nl) which is a management consultancy for business questions. One of her specialties here is her Company Clock model for organizational development, however all business issues are covered. Unlike many other business astrologers, she is not a financial astrologer. Her business background is in IT, training and consultancy and she has also run an IT department and a Marketing department. She set up www.strutyourstuff.nl to offer a full branding service for both companies and individuals.

Her third activity is running the Amsterdam School of Astrology. Many international astrologers have run workshops and lectures for the school and Faye runs her own events of course. Her latest service is a full apprenticeship program for astrologers on Vocational Astrology. www.asastrology.nl

Faye wrote a chapter for the book 'Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier', published in 2013 by Armand Diaz, Eric Meyers and Andrew Smith. She also has a chapter in the Astrolocality book, 'From Here to There', edited by Martin Davis.