Evelyn Terranova

Evelyn Terranova
Evolutionary, Esoteric, Transpersonal, Western
Natal, Progressions, Relationship/Synastry, Transits
Evelyn Terranova
Heber City
Other than astrology I love early morning walks in the north fields by my home, hiking, painting, family and friends.
Moonbeam Gallery
The Canvas - Natal Chart
60 minute CD recording $95 with free shipping

The Great Work In Progress - Transits and Progressions
60 minute CD recording $95 with free shipping

The Collage - Relationship Reading
150 - 180 minute CD recording $200 with free shipping
This reading is only done with the permission of both parties involved.

The store at my web site has all the details for you. www.moonbeamgallery.com
I've been doing astrology readings professionally since the year 2000. I love investigating the deeper meanings to soul life lessons, lessons discovered through astrology and all my readings for clients are based on that love.

I teach astrology and offer creative astrological based gatherings and/or presentations. I also write about astrology; this includes my free monthly New Moon newsletter. You can sign up at www.moonbeamgallery.com

As a professional artist I've recently been involved in a special collaborative effort, Dancing on the Brink of the World. This creative astrological book would not have manifested if it were not for Steven Forest, Sven Eberlein, and Chemystry Set who were all gracious enough to invest heart and soul into it. The book is available on Amazon and my web site.

Stellar artwork from my easel has been published many times in The Mountain Astrologer front cover art, "Cosmic Leap - Aries". I've done several stellar art book covers for the prolific writer and astrologer Eric Myers. I also have astrology bookmarks available for purchase.

Please visit www.moonbeamgallery.com to see samples of my work, arrange an astrology reading, presentation or commission work.