Eric Meyers

Eric Meyers
Evolutionary, Psychological, Transpersonal
Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship/Synastry, Transits
Eric Meyers
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Soul Vision Consulting
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Eric Meyers, M.A. is a counseling astrologer living in Asheville, NC. With a background in Transpersonal Psychology (Naropa University), his focus is on how astrology relates to the process of spiritual awakening. He is a graduate of the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship program and is forging a career in the field of astrology as a unique voice for evolutionary (spiritual) growth. Eric's fourth book, Elements & Evolution: The Spiritual Landscape of Astrology, was released in July 2010. Eric approaches both his counseling work and writing with the perspective that consciousness evolves. There is movement away from the trappings of over-identifying with the ego, which reinforces a sense of separateness. The awakening process often requires the resolution of attachments to allow greater expansion. Influences include the teachings of Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, a background in Transpersonal Psychology, as well as inheriting the wonderful teachings of various evolutionary and psychological astrologers. Eric has lectured at several astrology conferences, been published in The Mountain Astrologer, and runs Soul Vision Consulting with his partner, Sajit Greene. His deepest desire is to contribute to the renewal of astrology at this pivotal time in human history.