Bryan Colter

Bryan Colter
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Esoteric, Humanistic, Psychological, Western
Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship, Relocation & Astro*Carto*Graphy, Forecast & Transits
Bryan Colter
Evolutionary Astrology
Birth Chart Reading - 60 minutes - $135
Astro Coaching Package - 3 1hr sessions - $333
Transformation Package - 8 1hr sessions - $810
Relationship Compatibility Analysis - 20 minute recording - $45
My passion for Astrology started during my quest for knowledge about the universe and my own thirst for a deeper knowing. I believe that Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful way to accelerate the maturation of the soul so that one can find deeper understanding, move beyond fears, and expand their consciousness.

I've studied various modalities such as Qi Gong, Reconnective Healing, Hypnosis, and Psychology. I'm a certified Steven Forrest Evolutionary Astrologer and I approach each session with my clients with a sense of ancient wisdom combined with sincere compassion for the human journey.