The Astrology Code

Michael Bergen Astrology CodeThe Astrology Code
by Michael Bergen
Seven Lights Press; 1ST edition (January 14, 2014)
$19.95; 382 pages; ISBN 978-0989920063

Review by Gil Garver

The Astrology Code is an exhaustive study of planetary influences in a person's natal chart. This book is indeed a detached follow up to the seminal Gauquelin studies and as such deserves to be on the shelf of every student of the art. Note: This book is intended for serious scholars of the art of astrology. No amount of research will convince the academic community that astrology does lend itself to a serious statistical analysis and is a viable phenomena.

Just as early scientists postulated that disease was caused by microscopic life forms, and were ridiculed for such nonsense, astrologers are similarly marginalized for their adherence to a study that cannot be supported (yet) by mainstream science. All the same, Mr. Bergen's modus operendi of utilizing mathematics to support the long held treatises of the astrological community is quite compelling. He also brings to fore some of the more obscure features of astrology that are not well known. The author does utilize large sample sizes in his quest to use the same statistical methodology that is relied upon in most interdisciplinary fields. For the casual sun sign dilatant who reads his/her astro review over coffee and the newspaper, and will peruse the standard "cookbooks," this book will be quite dry. On the other hand, to the professional who gives chart reviews to clients, "The Astrology Code" is required reading. In our lifetimes astrology will always be looked upon derisively as a "pseudoscience." However Mr. Bergen makes great strides in taking "pseudo" out of the word.

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