Ashley Gallup

Ashley Gallup
Evolutionary, Psychological, Western
Career, Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Ashley Gallup
Sun Valley
Skype/ In person interactive reading with tarot & I Ching

30 minutes- $60

1 hour- $100

This chart is for the person who prefers to speak with their reader, and ask questions as they come up. We can cover any topic you choose, love, partnerships, career, or psychology. This reading is not accompanied by a written report, but you may record it. For this type of reading I require only 1 day notice.

Quick read monthly horoscope/ transit analysis- $50

A personalized current horoscope based on your natal chart with days highlighted for love, career, health, and fun.

Solar Return chart- $100

A look at the year ahead for you, beginning on your birthday, what themes and changes you will go through.

In depth transit/ progression analysis- $160

An in depth look into the impact of the outer planets transiting your natal chart, and the planetary progressions that may be influencing your current “mood” and attitude toward life in general, with focus on the lunar progressions. This analysis focuses on major life transitions and possible resolutions to energetic or habitual blocks in the evolution of your soul, and covers from 6 months to 2 years into the past or future.

Natal chart- $100

A detailed in depth look into your personality, identity, subconscious drives, talents, tendencies in relationships, and possible past life memories carried with you into this one.

Synastry/ composite chart- $ 200

A relationship chart that gives you a better understanding of your relationship, revealing areas of compatibility and struggles that you may go through. This chart may also reveal possible past life connections, and offers advice on how to grow together and help each other heal and support each other.
I’ve been studying astrology for over 10 years, and have become obsessed with astrology, viewing everything through an astrological lens. I have previously worked on "The Zodiac Divas" a New Sky Radio Show, and then created my own podcast "Under the Moon" in which I discuss a variety of astrolgical topics and forecast the energy of each new moon. I usually ask people's birthdays within minutes of meeting them, and have a remarkable memory for every chart I've ever done. If I've ever done your natal chart, I'll never forget it. I believe that a natal astrology chart is like a map to your own soul, giving you the keys to find the ultimate treasure, and the ultimate treasure is, for everyone whether they know it or not, to be able to evolve spiritually. If we as individuals are not ready or interested in evolving, we make the same mistakes over and over in however many lifetimes it takes before we just cannot take it anymore and we decide to wake up and change. Studying a chart truly feels like looking at a treasure map, or being a detective on the scene of a crime. The answers are right in front of you, but you have to really know what to look for, connect all the dots, and think deeply about how everything is related in order to understand the nature of the person it represents. My goal is to help people better understand themselves so that they can evolve. I hope to work with people who have this goal, who truly want to grow, and understand themselves and their relationships better.