Astrology Videos

Uranus in Aries

Jeff Jawer talks about Uranus in Aries and personal revolution.

In memorium. Jeff will always be in our thoughts.

Synodic Cycles

Georgia Stathis talks about synodic cycles, the Uranus Pluto square and economic changes. Recorded at the Northwest Astrology Conference 2011. Visit for upcoming astrology webinars.

Richard Tarnas: The Value of Astrology

Tony Howard interviews Richard Tarnas, the author of Cosmos and Psyche and The Passion of the Western Mind about the impact of his work, the value of astrology, and the rightful place of astrology in the cultural dialogue.


Pluto Reclassified

British astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert discusses the reclassification of the planet Pluto, the significance of its moon Charon, and its place among the other nearby Kuiper Belt objects.


Video: Dreaming the Volcano

Steven Forrest introduces the subject of this year's Astrology Apprenticeship Programs: Dreaming the Volcano - Meditations on Global Change 2011 and Beyond.


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