Andrea Goodman

Andrea Goodman
Ancient, Archetypal, Evolutionary, Esoteric, Humanistic, Psychological, Transpersonal, Western
Natal, Relationship/Synastry, Transits
Andrea Goodman
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Mythic astrology, Egyptian mythology, Divine Feminine, vocal sound -healing, original sacred ceremonies, experimental music and theatre, puppetry, poetry, oracles, channeling, intuitive arts
Ruby-Throated Spirit
Professional astrologer in practice since 1985, student of Alethea Worden and Wendy Ashley, I see clients and teach astrology both in Maine and in New York, as well as offering readings over Skype, telephone and recordings. Natal readings include mythic astrology, finding a resonance with myths that support and illuminate your life themes, as well as traditional Western astrology. Initial readings and updates explore your growth and development through current transits, progressions and solar returns. All readings are held in a cosmic perspective, honoring the beauty and mystery of our life paths as part of the vast cosmic harmony.
I teach Astrological Awareness classes in Maine and in New York, and virtually through the Ministry of Maat Virtual University.
I am also a singer, sound-healer, composer, author and priestess/minister of the Ministry of Maat. Ruby-Throated Spirit is located on an island on the coast of Maine, where I offer readings in astrology and tarot, voice lessons, sound-healing sessions, counseling, classes, ceremonies, blessings and retreats. I am the author of "Lightning Holds My Hand, A Woman's Journal of Guidance."