Amanda Moreno

Amanda Moreno
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Karmic, Psychological, Western
Natal, Past Lives, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Amanda Moreno
Evolutionary Astrology, Tarot, Ritual, Dream Work, Past Life Regression Therapy, Deep Memory Process
Aquarian Spirals
Natal Reading: $100
Natal + Transits and Progressions: $150

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I’ve been studying astrology for the past ten years, and practicing professionally since 2007. I also have a Master’s degree in Psychology and Spirituality with a focus in Depth Psychology. My Master's thesis was about apocalyptic – or Plutonian – passages, and the ways astrology and ritual might be used to assist us through these passages at the individual and collective levels.

I use astrology to help individuals understand their path and purpose, as well as their challenges, setbacks, and constructive ways forward. I also use astrology as a starting point through which we can dive into the delicious worlds of dreams, the alchemy of relationship, and uncovering unconscious contents. I see astrology as an integral component of shadow work, which lets us all shine our lights a little brighter!

In addition, I am a certified Deep Memory Process practitioner, which is a form of past life regression therapy that goes hand in hand with my astrological techniques.

I thrive off of the creative challenge of helping individuals to create rituals that compliment their soul’s path and empower transformation in a powerful yet playful manner. I believe that we are all on this earth right now to uncover as much truth as we can - to feel and heal our grief and our pain, and to celebrate the mystery that is the human experience. Astrology provides a profoundly direct way of accessing this level of healing and transformation.