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Forecast 2015

Laguna Hills, CA

With Donna Stellhorn, Patty Davidson, and Laura DesJardins

SCAN is happy to once again do our annual forecast for the year ahead. This year we have presenting: Laura Rose DesJardins, Patty Davidson and Donna Stellhorn. Each Astrologer will give their special insights into the year ahead. We will be packed with people on that evening, so be sure and come early as there is a lot of information as we begin one of the most important years of our life. We at SCAN look forward to seeing you there. Donna Stellhorn, will be speaking on: Chinese Astrology: 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep February 19, 2015 will mark the first day of the Year of the Wood Sheep.

This event is hosted by the Southern California Astrological Network.

Astrology of 2015-Integration and Acceptance: Finding our Whole Selves in 2015

Portland, OR

With Rhea Wolf & Jaysen Paulson

How do we integrate the sweeping changes that have gripped us over the last three years? What is the way forward for our hearts and our communities? During this evening talk, Rhea and JayP will discuss the upcoming transits for 2015 - the cosmic weather forecast - and offer tips on how to align your own power with the Powers That Be. We'll touch on how each sphere of life will be influenced by the upcoming energies, including creative, spiritual, emotional and community experiences, as well as herbal remedies for optimal health in 2015.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

There's Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Baltimore, MD

With Jeanne Mozier

World view expands, vision is elevated and we're all ready to buckle down and work for a better world. Insight and predictions on politics, world events, the economy, life of the spirit, fashion and more.

This event is hosted by the Baltimore Astrological Society.

The 10th House


With Demetra George

Demetra George presents the 10th of a 12-part webinar series on the twelve astrological houses. Each program focuses in depth on one house, applying traditional astrological theory viewed through the lens of modern astrology. Demetra shares personal thoughts and insights gained over years of study. Each program includes live Q&A with Demetra.

Explore the many facets of the Tenth House. Discover how the traditional lineage informs there modern astrological interpretations. Demetra will present a thorough overview of the 10th house in addition to chart examples to illustrate her techniques.

No need to attend live. All registered students get instant access to the replay and links to download within 48 hours.

Astrology of 2015 Writing Workshop

Portland, OR

With Rhea Wolf

Come play with words, intentions and astrology to set the stage for your life in 2015. Rhea will provide information on the cosmic weather for the year ahead and lead exercises that help each person understand the patterns and possibilities in store for them. The keys we have for opening doors in 2015 include integration and access to new sources of strength. Some of the highlights of 2015 include:

New lesson plans from Saturn in Sagittarius

Deep integration of the last three years of transformation from the Uranus-Pluto square

Illuminating Healing from the Pisces-Virgo eclipses

Resetting values to align with joy and play as Venus retrogrades in Leo

Pre-registration required. Please provide birth date, time and place when registering so Rhea can cast your chart. No previous astrology or writing experience necessary.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

Heart and Soul Centered Astrology Chart Interpretation Beginners Course

Portland, OR

With Ari Moshe

Learning happens through a combination of inner openness along with the grace of circumstance: the vessel is open and the gifts are received on their own. In that sense, striving or efforting is not needed in order to learn, but rather genuine READINESS. We will learn slowly and deeply. My sole intention is to create the space to allow for each student to integrate this work in the way that works so well for them. My only expectation is the genuine desire to learn.

The first 4 months will consist mostly of me transmitting the material directly through lecture and interactive presentation. By month 5 and 6, a great amount of our time together will be devoted to working on charts with real live volunteers. Applying the material with real people will be a direct, intimate and holistic way to integrate the teachings. Students will also have the opportunity to get together to practice with one another throughout the month and to practice/ ask questions on the online forum dedicated to this course.

Emotional Dimensions in Astrology: How to Find the Feeling Realm in the Chart

Roseville, CA

With Barbara Ybarra

Giving honor to our feelings is the first step on the path of soul development – along with acknowledging the frailty of our human condition. It is also the whole reason why we are here on earth. Fourth harmonic aspects in the chart reveal to us our emotional complexes that we must work through in order to return back to the divine. Even the driest scientific Asberger’s case is required to face deep emotional dimensions which are clearly visible in the chart.

Beginning with the theory that the Moon nodal axis reveals our first basic feeling realm in life, suggesting the conditions under which we are (often just barely) comfortable on this earth, a case is built with celebrity horoscopes about the depth of our emotions, and our propensity to ignore or deny them. Western civilization has taught us that worldly success is everything, and feelings are nothing. Time for an “about-face” as we take the time to explore the significance behind conjunctions, squares, and oppositions.

This event is hosted by the NCGR Sacramento Chapter.

Canvas and the Cosmos: Art and Astrology Museum Field Trip

Portland, OR

With Jaysen Paulson

Inspired by a project of the same title with Jaysen Paulson and the Portland Art Museum, join us on a museum quest of archetypes for your sign! This guided tour will include a look at the 12 pieces selected by Jaysen Paulson that illustrate the archetypes of the 12 astrological signs. Jaysen will have Canvas and the Cosmos cards on-hand for each sign and planet if you would like to see other pieces selected or take one home as a souvenir. Bring a date or a friend to this fun and interactive afternoon! After the docent tour from 2-3pm, you are welcome to explore the museum. NOTE: The price includes admission into the museum and the docent tour staff.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology and the Portland Art Museum.

Embodied Astrology

San Francisco, CA

With Kay Taylor

Astrology can sometimes be a solitary, mental pursuit, trapping us in fear-based thinking and in the illusion of control of life, substituting for genuine evolution and growth. Kay will show how it can also be filled with abundant possibilities for co-creation as we connect deeply, energetically, and even physically to our chart’s potential. Time to ‘be’ our charts in their most magnificent way, and help our clients live their best chart too.

This event is hosted by the San Francisco Astrological Society.

Imbolc SoulCollage(c)

Portland, OR

With Christine Cook

When Nature Starts to Stir--You are invited to come and play with images, to discover what your soul wants. We will make 8” x 5” cards and see what they have to tell us. We will also look and see what the transiting Aquarian Sun is lighting up in our charts and if it has influenced our visual stories. Price includes all materials.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

Astrology for Newbies 3-Week Series

Portland, OR

With Jaysen Paulson & Lauren Sage Balin

Are you new to Astrology?

This is an interactive basic introductory mini-class to the nuts and bolts of the natal chart. We will review a history of astrology, the twelve houses, sign archetypes and the planets. This is a great class for those new to astrology or for those who want a review of the basic language. Students will receive a copy of their natal chart and a comprehensive bibliography to get them started.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

Your Rising Sign: GateWay to Your Spiritual Path

Portland, OR

With Lauren Sage Balin

Your rising sign, also referred to as the Ascendant, is called the “gateway to your spiritual path” by Yogis. It is considered the initial causation of your soul journey in this lifetime, and contains a wealth of information about your evolutionary unfolding and intent. Through writing, chakra balancing, and dialogue about your birth chart, in this experiential workshop you will come to understand the house, sign and rulership of your rising sign in a way that reveals a deep understanding of your personal expression and spiritual purpose.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

Love, Marriage and Reality & Cycles of Consciousness

New Westminster, BC

With Phyllis Chubb

Thursday the 12th: Love, Marriage and Reality

During my last lecture the Charakarakas of Jyotish were introduced paying special attention to the Atmakaraka, representing our soul. In this lecture the Charakarakas will be revisited with emphasis on the Darakaraka. This karaka tells us whether marriage or long term relationships are even for us. In addition it lets us know what we can expect from such relationships. Understanding what the Darakaraka represents and the relationship it forms with an Atmakaraka can be valuable in many ways, because it prepares us. A handout will be provided with necessary instruction for future use.

Saturday the 14th: Cycles of Consciousness (Workshop)

Ancient wisdom teachings, from all cultures, have repeatedly emphasized the importance of looking within one’s self to find truth and the ability to direct one’s consciousness. Acknowledging the importance of consciousness is one thing, the problem is remembering to use it. This workshop is about working With Cycles of Thought and Actions.

The ancients emphasized the importance of consciously directing our thoughts, as thought are directly linked to our actions. The prime motivator contributing to thoughts has been defined as the Moon. Each person experiences the energy received from the Moon in a different way. Learn how you experience lunar energy. Learn what you can do to ensure the minimum number of impulsive actions that can upset your life. Learn to recognize the high times and what to do about the low times.

Beyond Mars + Venus: The Astrology of Transformative Love TELECLASS


With Corina Dross

Despite an abundance of romantic movies and myths, our culture doesn't always recognize the amazing diversity of human love. Loving relationships build the resilience we need to transform ourselves and the world. With Saturn dancing it's last dance in Scorpio, it's time to take a serious look intimacy: what it means, why it can be hard, and the many ways it can manifest. In this class we'll discuss the astrology of relationships, from romantic to platonic, including creative, erotic, and family bonds. Celebrating the love we have, the love we've learned from, and the love we're moving towards, this class will pay special attention to the outer planets as indicators of our needs for healing, closeness, passion, and freedom. Open to all levels.

This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

Decades, Centuries and Planetary Order

Portland, OR

With Edwin Stuart

Each decade and century seems to have a distinct character, which may be due to its being ruled by one of the ten planets. This pattern of rulership seems to follow a cycle, starting with the Sun, moving through the solar system in the traditional order of planets, and ending with Pluto, before starting over again. Right now we are in a Venus decade within a Venus century, which could help explain the intense social aspect in our current use of technology and media. This theory is very useful in helping us realize why some decades, such as the 1960s, are so much more turbulent than others, and why the middle decades of each century are marked by divisive wars. It might even help us understand, within a limited sense, the astrological ages. This lecture will outline the theory and show examples how the ruling planets may color the centuries and the decades within them.

This event is hosted by the Oregon Astrological Association.

Jupiter: It’s Too Much – But Is It Enough?

Roseville, CA

With Frank Clifford

LECTURE: Jupiter: It’s Too Much – But Is It Enough?

Jupiter reveals how and where we’re blessed – so much so that we can inspire others with its message. But can Jupiter be too much of a good thing? Frank will look at the charts of people with a prominent Jupiter to gauge its wide range of expression in temperament and manifestation. From the evangelist and guru to the con artist, from the philanthropist to the diva, we’ll examine the various exemplary and sinister sides to the Greater Benefic.

WORKSHOP: The Rhythms of Your Life: Honing Your Forecasting Skills

As consultant astrologers, rather than using forecasting tools to make firm predictions, we do our best work when we articulate the processes that can take place under various transits, progressions or directions. If you’ve ever been daunted or overwhelmed by forecasting, this seminar will offer a number of tools (including ‘Define and Connect’) to simplify the process of interpreting upcoming trends, and Frank will address a number of factors to take into consideration. Along the way, he’ll introduce you to the most reliable and accurate forecasting tool, Solar Arc Directions, and show you how to use these simply and effectively to achieve maximum results. You’ll be amazed!

This event is hosted by the NCGR Sacramento Chapter.

Astro Diagnosis: Medical Astrology Conference

Portland, OR

With Jessica Lanyadoo, Andrea L. Gehrz, Jonathan Keyes and more!

Healing and Astrology conference with Andrea L. Gehrz, Jessica Lanyadoo, Casey Cardoso, Jenn Zahrt, Jonathan Keyes and more! This event is hosted by the Portland School of Astrology.

Deepening Our Relations: Moon/Pluto and the Scorpio Moon

San Francisco

With Erica Jones

A review of the literature on Moon/Pluto and Scorpio Moon reveals the difficulty which mainstream culture has with the emotional dimensions of existence. While this combination can certainly correlate with tragedy, especially in childhood, it also symbolizes a depth of psychological understanding. We will re-vision the Plutonic/Scorpionic Moon in order to understand how difficult emotions can be dishonored and discarded, to our own detriment, and how difficult emotions can become a source of wisdom and guidance, to everyone’s benefit. Learn practical techniques for metabolizing challenging emotions, compassionately cultivating emotional intelligence, and envision the Moon and Pluto in a different light.

This event is hosted by the San Francisco Astrological Society.

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