Our 101 Astrology Program is unique because not only is it accessible 101-knowledge offered to the general public, but it is an incredibly holistic approach to the multifaceted study and practice of Astrology, taking into account different learning styles and ways to really understand this information through a variety of activities and experiences, all within a classroom setting. While it's important to understand Astrology intellectually from a head space, we also need to imbibe Astrology. We will understand Astrology not only through lecture, powerpoints and reading books, but we will also experience Astrology through music, video, art, games, meditation, food, reflection and body movement to see spectrum of these archetypes all around us, everyday.

In the 1st-Year Program of the Portland School of Astrology, we explore the basics of astrology in standard and unconventional ways to best appeal to a multitude of learning styles and personal experiences. We learn how to delineate (interpret) a chart, learn cycles, phases, retrogrades, movement and transits of planets. We also cover topics of interest to the well-rounded astrologer that include Astronomy, History, Philosophy and we even get physical with Astro-Drama and Astro-Yoga! We also introduce specific topics in the diverse field of Astrology such as Esoteric Astrology, Medical Astrology and a variety of techniques to appeal to a variety of interests of students.

Instructors include Jaysen Paulson, Rhea Wolf, Judith Hill, Andrea Gehrz and guest lecturers.

Nightlight School of Astrology offers first and second year programs both in person and distance learning. Donation-based tuition is available. Guest teachers include Adam Elenbaas, Erin Sullivan, Adam Gainsburg, Ari Moshe Wolfe, Armand Diaz, Adam Sommer, Eric Meyers, Eric Francis and more. The school is located in Silver Spring Maryland.

Learn Astrology Anywhere!

Study astrology at your own pace. Choose the courses you need, and download classes whenever you want. Learn astrology with the best astrology teachers. Get access to carefully selected study materials and personal virtual tutorials. Choose from certification programs in Medical Astrology, Business Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, and Traditional Astrology. Astrology University technical support and live chat tutoring is available Monday through Saturday.

Instructors include Steven Forrest, Judith Hill, Madeline C. Gerwick, Mark Jones, Dena DeCastro, Demetra George, Austin Coppock and Tony Howard. Start learning today!

An online course in professional applied practice of astrology. Independent distance learning, self-directed training course in the professional applied practice of astrology. 34-hours of pre-recorded audio in 17 classes, made up of three modules or semesters, is taught in an organized but organic fashion; the modules are fixed and focused while the classes are more fluid within the subject matter. Rather like nature and humanity. Registered students will gain access to all audio lectures and discussions, as well as printed material.

This is an excellent method of learning and absorbing vast amounts of information both in subtle and solid ways. Each of the modules, along with recommended reading, slowly increases one’s grasp on the knowledge of practical, archetypal and psychological astrology.

I recorded the classes live online, with real students . . . they are taught in ‘real time’ and available here to you both visually (as streaming video) and in audio format with PDF handouts as used in the classes. So it is ‘being there’ as you learn.

Steven Forrest's Astrologer Apprentice Program offers students the chance to study astrology in depth with one of the most successful astrologers of our time. Programs are currently offered in Southern and Northern California, North Carolina, Europe, Australia, and Mexico.

Students may enter the program at any level of astrological proficiency. The program is rigorous intellectually and emotionally, but also non-pretentious and very accessible. After attending three four-day sessions, students receive Level One certification and may be added to Steven's website referral page. After attending six sessions, a Level Two certificate is awarded. The site gets a lot of traffic and being included has helped some students establish their own astrological practice.

Steven Forrest’s style of evolutionary astrology is centered on a philosophy of freedom and choice. Steven encourages people to use the birth chart to make better, wiser choices rather than attempting to “foresee the future” in some limiting way. There is less “description” and more “prescription” in his approach. Steven’s interpretations are psychological in tone, but unfold against the backdrop of the soul’s evolutionary path. Technically, Steven’s astrological style is modern. He uses the Tropical zodiac, the outer planets, both modern and classical rulerships, and the Placidus house system.

Check out the Forrest Astrology website for additional information.

The Pluto School is a forum for learning Mark Jones' approach to Evolutionary Astrology. Mark is a gifted teacher and his experience as a psychosynthesis therapist combined with his astrological expertise provides the perfect vehicle for immersing yourself in the study of this exciting and transformative work.

Pluto School consists of 12 modules which will teach you how to give an Evolutionary Astrology reading. Classes include written and audio material, as well as self-tests and recommendations for additional study. At the end of the course, students are eligible to pursue certification in Evolutionary Astrology with Mark Jones.

Classes are presented in sequential format, and you have the freedom to study at your own pace in this distance learning astrology program by utilizing the downloads and access to Skype tutorials (*available only to students of the Complete Course). Additional texts are required and will be assigned within the individual lessons.

This online astrology course may be pursued at your own pace. You may purchase each individual lesson for $35. Or get all 12 for $385. Register Today

joanneAstrology the Cosmic Pattern Correspondence Courses were developed for the serious student of astrology who cannot attend classes on a regular basis due to their busy schedules, and for those who do not have teaching facilities in their areas. The educational material in these courses provide comprehensive information that cannot be acquired from any other source. Joanne is well-known for her unique talent for explaining complex systems in straight-forward language. She is a certified astrologer who has practiced astrology for over 30 years, and given lectures and workshops internationally. These courses provide a comprehensive and unique approach to Astrology. Each course contains 5 or 6 Lessons, providing, illustration, self-tests, self-analysis guidelines, learning tools and self-correcting assignments. The complete series of courses take you through an introduction to signs, houses, planets and their important interrelationships, various techniques for interpreting charts, and finally to examine horoscopes in motion through transits and progressions.
metainstituteThis Astrology course of thirty lessons is comprehensive and complete, From A-Z, it offers you an understanding and in depth knowledge of astrology. After successful completion of the course you will be fully qualified to practice astrology either privately or professionally and certified by Metastudies Institute as an Astrology Practitioner. We offer several options to pay for the course, from individual lessons, to discounted packs of 5 or 10 lessons, to the full course at an even deeper discount. We offer the lessons as PDF downloads with the option of a printed format for U.S. customers at an additional charge of $2 per lesson. Lesson exercises may be returned by e-mail as doc files, e-mail text, or by post (US customers only).
Many of us learn astrology in an unsystematic way, proceeding from conference to astrologer to astrology teacher to books and then back. Some people begin the certification tests as those given by NCGR and AFA but many fewer complete them. In our computer-driven age it is common for people to know much about astrological interpretation and far less about the “technical” information from which confident interpretation is built. Before we begin a series of courses or a sequence of tutorials, we assess your current interests and knowledge of astrology. Usually we can meet in person or over the phone to do this. Additionally there’s a short Assessment Quiz that contains no calculation but assesses technical knowledge and ease of interpretation. You may find that a systematic approach is helpful. Choose from a list of courses that we can use to structure your own astrology program. Each segment consist of a reading assignment or exercises in application, written work and subsequent feedback.
astrocollege Our modular Foundation and Diploma level astrology courses allow you flexibility to study astrology when you want. You can even explore the astrological basics of the birth chart with our Astrology Taster Course. Whether for personal development or professional training, you can choose to follow a specific program or select the particular astrological course that interests you. Astrologycollege.com supplies specially written astrology correspondence courses which come with the one-to-one support of an experienced tutor who will guide you through your studies. Study to suit yourself. All our astrological course material is printed and all our manuals are dispatched by mail. Most exercises give you the option of sending work by email or post. Our astrology correspondence courses give you the flexibility to study when and where you choose. Wherever you live, you can learn astrology in the comfort of your own home.
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