Real World Astrology & Profession In The Birth Chart

Lilydale, NY

moon workshop

Steven will present two full day workshops:
Saturday August 27: Real World Astrology
Sunday August 28: Profession In The Birth Chart

Location: Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center
282 Dale Drive
Cassadaga, NY 14718 

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The Four Angles

Port Stephens, Australia

moon workshop

Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and Astrological Nadir are the "Four Angles" of the chart. Mastering their interpretation provides a solid foundation for any understanding of the natal chart.

Our first step is to ask a question about the "anthropology" of modern astrological practice; why so much emphasis on the first two and so little on the nadir and 7th house cusp? The valuing of "style" and "career" over inner life and human relationship is the cultural error here - and we astrologers must not be swept into it. In this class, we explore the integrated, inter-dependent view of these four critical functions.

The Nuances of Neptune - The Astrology of the 8th Planet

Rhinebeck, NY

Neptune workshopJoin Steven at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY for a special weekend astrology workshop.

Astrologer Steven Forrest guides you in a grounded, personal, and empowering discovery of the nuances of Neptune—including how to use the powerful periods that arise with transits, progressions, and solar arcs.

Professional astrologers, skilled amateurs, and those interested in astrology are invited to take a fresh look at Neptune.

Exploring Your Lunar Landscape

Packwood, WA

moon workshopDeepen your understanding of the Moon in this workshop exploring the lunar landscape with seasoned astrologers Kelly Surtees, Kira Sutherland, and Laura Nalbandian.

Each astrologer will present a different focus. Kira will explore the Moon in relation to food, lifestyle and health. Kelly will look at the Moon and movement, discussing aspects of the Moon, and why they are some of the most important in the chart. Laura will consider the Moon and emotional nurturing, and look at the relationship between the Moon and Ceres.

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EAS Astrology Conference

Red Deer, Alberta

This Canadian conference will cover areas like pluto generations from cancer to scorpio, and we look forward to the arrival of pluto in sagittarius. 

This event is organized by EAS.

Astrology Student Conference

London, UK

The Astrology Student Conference will cover areas like Surviving and Thriving Post-Uranus Square Pluto, how astrology can be used to enhance our personal and professional lives, as well as our understanding of ourselves and the people around us. Go to our website for a list of participating speakers for this event.

This event is hosted by the London School of Astrology.

OPA Conference and Sacred Journey

Athens, Greece

OPA is delighted to organize a conference in Europe, bringing together different cultures and astrology perspectives. Speakers from across Europe (incl. Greece itself) and the United States will present fasceinating lectures, pertinent to our times.

The great majority of the presentations will be offered in English, as most Greeks speak English. It all begins Friday night with a welcome gathering -cocktail party - at the Royal Olympic Hotel where we will be spending the next several days. This property is a classic, elegant, five star hotel with all the amenities in a superb location opposite Zeus's temple, and near the Acropolis. On Monday, May 30th, we will offer OPA's signature Peer Group as a post conference intensive. This will be another opportunity to take part in what is a rich fun and rewarding way to expand your personal and astrological horizons.

Great Lakes Astrology Conference, Responsibly Facing Our Dreams

Holiday Inn, Ann Arbor, MI


Great Lakes Astrology Conference is dedicated to the astrologer - beginner,  intermediate and advanced. It doesn't matter if you are a lay person looking to have some fun or if you are seeking professional enhancement. Our lectures are of high quality content by excellent teachers to enhance education, knowledge and the professionalism of attendees. Our objective is that you walk away feeling saturated and more than satisfied, holding you over until our next conference! Follow the website link for a full list of this years speakers and content of the many wonderful astrological lectures offered at this years conference.

I-Astrologer, How to Create A Successful Astrology Practice

Athens, GA

A special event designed by OPA to provide you with all you need to create a breakthrough and bring your astrology practice to new heights. OPA is organizing and incredible event on Astrology Day 2016 (March 18-20) in Athens, Georgia, designed to help participants enhance their astrology practice. This is the first ever event organized exclusively to support astrologers and the practice of astrology. Fulfill your calling to become a full time astrologer - and successfully so!

March 18 – 21, and March 21 – 23, 2016



Traditional Astrology Retreat

Portland, OR

with Demetra George

Astrology Retreat PortlandDemetra George will offer a summer workshop unlike any other. You'll get to learn how to use Traditional Astrology from the ground up, in a 5-day intensive retreat, held at the very cool McMenamin's Kennedy School in Portland, OR. Portland is a popular summer destination, and the Kennedy School is an old classic neighborhood elementary school that has been remodeled into a stunning entertainment complex, including a hotel, classrooms, a brew pub and restaurant, pool, movie theater and more. 

The presentation will be special too. Morning sessions feature rich information. And afternoons are experiential. Applying what you're learning is the key to retention. So this workshop will address the often-heard complaint that the techniques of Traditional Astrology get too complicated to apply. At the end of this 5 days, you'll feel like you have workable tools you can start using right away. 

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