Joan Kiley AstrologerFor me, astrology is, if nothing else, clearly archetypal in nature. That fact both expands, and limits, astrology’s possibilities. It expands by allowing a richness of topics available to be covered, and multiple dimensions or layers of meanings to be discovered. It allows for the practice of many types of astrology, like horary, mundane, evolutionary and psychological, because the meaning to be found is personal, political, as well as collective. People can receive extraordinary insights into both life’s big questions and the somewhat lesser, but perhaps even more practical ones, via astrology.

Astrology’s archetypal nature also reveals limitations. You cannot pin down an archetype to a specific moment, event, or meaning, precluding certain types of predictions. It is true that experience, strong intuitive abilities, and a depth of knowledge of the way particular patterns of archetypes do manifest can increase a given astrologer’s capacity for prediction. Nevertheless, it seems much more ethical to ask a client how s/he might see an aspect manifesting after hearing a number of possibilities of that manifestation suggested by the astrologer. This way, the client is a partner in the discovery, hopefully lessening the projection of “all-knowing seer” onto the astrologer (less projection, less liability). Together astrologer and client can discuss possible ways to facilitate an optimal outcome, given there might be hesitation, resistance, fear, or even grandiose optimism on the part of the client.

Less and less do I find clients coming to me looking for entertainment or for someone to “tell them their fortune.” It’s not that people aren’t curious, or that everyone who comes for a reading knows what to expect. I do find, however, that most often they are seriously seeking a valid spiritual perspective on issues stirring in their consciousness. They don't want to be told their "fate." They want to be offered possible paths to clarity from their confusion. They want an articulation of their possible blindspots. They want to work together with someone who will support, assist, help guide or coach them to a new place or level on their soul’s journey.

Astrology is appealing because of its archetypal nature. It gives people choices, not pre-determinants.


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