by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWelcome to moody March! Moody because:

  1. The Neptune in Pisces theme begun in February, plus retrograde planets Mars, Saturn, and now Mercury, strongly influence the state of mind and emotion in March to be one of introspection;
  2. Planets in Aries may be itching for action and feel frustrated;
  3. The building Uranus/Pluto square has us all poised for dramatic change, and wondering what, how, when. A classic danger/opportunity mix!

March began with Mars opposed the Sun in Pisces and both squaring the Moon in Gemini and the Moon’s nodes. The Moon was conjunct the South Node. There was plenty of restless energy in that T-square, but not necessarily a specific direction to go with it.

On March 2, Mercury entered Aries and the ideas for action began to flow, especially as Mercury moved closer to Uranus, and the two were conjunct on March 5. Intuitive insights were/are now flashing at high frequency! Luckily, Venus entered Taurus the same day, adding some calming energy! Mars, however, isn’t taking the bait for action, and thus our minds may be a bit frustrated and prone to argument.

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