Saturday, April 19, 2014
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The FindAnAstrologer Podcast

Find An Astrologer PodcastThe Find An Astrologer Podcast features interviews with the best astrologers on the planet! Tony Howard interviews astrologers every month about current transits, astrology, current events, and more. Never stop learning. Enjoy.

Episode 5: Nick Dagan Best on Venus Retrograde

We welcome back Nick Dagan Best to share some standout stories about the Venus Retrograde cycles. He talks about Roman Polanski, and gives us a brief synopsis of crucial moments in US history that all occurred during Venus Retrograde. How does this bode for US politics in early 2014? Tune in and find out what Nick has to say.

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Episode 4: Nick Dagan Best

Nick Dagan Best joins us to talk about Time Twins, Whole Sign Houses, his new book on Uranus, and the role of fate. Learn more about Nick Dagan Best at


Episode 3: Richard Tarnas

Richard Tarnas joins us to talk about the value of astrology. Learn more about Richard Tarnas at


Episode 2: Demetra George

Demetra George joins us to talk about Traditional Astrology. We take a look at the ancient texts being translated and how they're changing our view of modern astrology. Demetra is the popular author of Asteroid Goddesses, now in its 25th anniversary of publication. Learn more about Demetra at


Episode 1: Austin Coppock

In the first episode of the FindAnAstrologer Podcast, Tony interviews Austin Coppock, the always genius writer of a popular weekly horoscope column Dark Sun Astrology. With a biting wit and willing exploration of the "dark side," Austin backs up his bark with a stunning intellect and grounded foundation in a wide range of astrological studies. In this episode we discuss the use of astrological techniques, and the intersection of magic, alchemy and astrology. Enjoy!


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