• Steven Forrest

    Steven Forrest may have a long waiting list, but a reading from this expert Evolutionary Astrologer and Teacher is well worth the wait. Steven's Apprenticeship Program is in a class all to itself. Visit his site for info on one of the richest astrological trainings available.
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  • Demetra George

    Perhaps best known for her work with asteroids, Demetra now stands at the helm of a new frontier of exploration into the techniques of traditional astrology - teachings we haven't had access to for hundreds of years...
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  • Lynn Bell

    Lynn Bell is a Paris-based astrologer whose work spans multiple cultures as a speaker, teacher, author and consultant in astrology for more than 25 years.
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Book of the Moon by Steven ForrestSteven Forrest's latest book The Book of the Moon is now available through his website. Featuring a thorough and groundbreaking look at one of the most important symbols in astrology: The Moon.

Steven picks up the thread of Dane Rudhyar's approach to the Lunar Phases, and adds his own new interpretation of the 8-phase lunar cycles. He also introduces more obscure topics such as the "Out of Bounds Moon". A must have book for any serious moon lover.

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  • New Westminster, BC | January 8, 2015
    2015 – The Year to Come: Aim Higher with Rose Marcus
    Join Rose for a overview of the transits for 2015. This event is hosted by the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild.
  • ONLINE WEBINAR | January 17, 2015
    The 10th House
    Demetra George presents the 10th of a 12-part webinar series on the twelve astrological houses. Each program focuses in depth on one house, applying traditional astrological theory viewed through the lens of modern astrology. Demetra shares personal thoughts and insights gained over years of study. Each program includes live Q&A with Demetra.
  • Portland,OR | January 25, 2015
    Canvas and the Cosmos: Astrology and Art Project with Jaysen Paulson and the Portland Art Museum
    Inspired by a project of the same title with Jaysen Paulson and the Portland Art Museum, join us on a museum quest of archetypes for your sign! This guided tour will include a look at the 12 pieces selected by Jaysen Paulson that illustrate the archetypes of the 12 astrological signs. Hosted by the Portland Art Museum.
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