Astrology News

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

It looks like we’re back to work full tilt at the Full Moon on February 3rd. What’s being seen then are some unexpected growth opportunities, which are worth reconsidering. Are they gold or fool’s gold? (Sun opposite Jupiter, Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon and Jupiter trine Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus) Now is a good time to review those possibilities and research options. These growth possibilities work best via the internet, social media, or using technology.

The one issue to really research is whether the growth possibilities that pop up now are real, or just look good on the surface (Sun opposite Jupiter). It looks like these opportunities could work out well if there’s technology or a new approach that will make it work. Otherwise, it’s likely to be pie in the sky. This cycle stays in range from January 31st – February 11th.

It’s not time for new starts yet, but it’s a great time to reconsider logistics, plans, processes, and research (Mercury retro sextile Saturn). This good cycle for planning is with us through February 22nd, providing us an excellent period to complete our plans, rewrite processes, and do research. Congress appears to be doing exactly this.

At this Full Moon, we’re just starting to pull out of the cycles associated with scarce or disappearing money. Now we’re headed toward a cycle associated with strong prosperity (Venus conjunct Chiron). It’s also associated with love and romance, so both can occur. This cycle peaks very early on February 9th and stays in range through February 14th.

This cycle (Venus conjunct Chiron) is followed two days later with another cycle associated with plenty of money and passionate love (Venus sextile Pluto). So the trend is toward more money and feeling happy, which usually occur together. These two cycles together, along with Mercury retrograde, suggest that we’re rethinking finances and relationships.

We’re also making adjustments at this time related to attempting to do too much with too little time, money and energy (Mars inconjunct Jupiter). This is a good adjustment to make if you decide to control that urge. Focus is the name of the game with this cycle. Plan to do one project at a time, instead of in parallel. Get clear on your priorities.

The stock market looks bi-polar with some good growth, stability, and some very challenging situations. The industries which are challenged the most are the ones which need serious structural and/or process changes. Oil still looks like the price is going down or possibly stabilizing, but not going up. That’s not likely to occur before mid-May or even mid-June.

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