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Hadley Fitzgerald
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Einstein pointed out that we can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking at which we created it—i.e., we have to get some time and/or distance from it in order to have a way of seeing it. We need perspective. Otherwise, we keep doing what we’re doing, and we keep getting what we’ve got. To Hadley Fitzgerald, MA, MFT, the birthchart provides a perspective that no other instrument can. It serves as a map for discovering: the soul’s best intentions for this incarnation; the ways to resonate consciously with those intentions; and methods for dealing with the challenges to both earthly progress and spiritual evolution. The question: “What does your soul want of you?” is at the heart of her training and her work.

Hadley has been a licensed psychotherapist almost as long as she’s been an astrologer. She authored the Psychological Astrology section of "Under One Sky" by Rafael Nasser, ed. by Jodie Forrest, has published numerous articles, and has been a free-lance journalist for 20 years.


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Created On: 12/31/2010 22:38:43

Today, where souls can be fragmented by our fast-paced, high tech but low touch material world, Hadley Fitzgerald, astrologer and psychotherapist, has helped me balance my heart and soul for the past 18 years. She has facilitated this process with a deep regard for who I was during each of the stages of our work together. Never once did I feel I was just another client to her.

What I find remarkable about Hadley is that she honors that one’s emotional and soul work is hard, that change is harder still, and that change is a process that cannot be measured by the calendar or clock. Through her reassurance I learned that change would happen with facing old patterns, diligence in establishing new ones, and a respect for divine time. Most important, Hadley taught me that compassion for oneself makes change easier.

In that gentle, honest, yet dry-humored way of hers, she held a mirror to what I could not or would not see about myself or my situation. There were times when these moments made me cry with the release of sadness, or laugh with the irony of it all; and sometimes Hadley was silently laughing or crying right there with me knowing all the while what it took for me to get to that point in my work with her.

I am certain that Hadley’s work has crossed all aspects of human nature and yet she does not bring judgment to her clients’ soul work, nor does she confuse her own work-in-progress with theirs. In her presence, one can feel the tremendous respect she has for her clients, and yet she maintains both personal and professional balance that stems from a heart-felt personal code. Perhaps that inner code is a reflection of a deep connection with the soul – hers and ours.

I truly believe Hadley’s work is soul-directed and that she is God’s gift in my life.

Melissa McElrath
Created On: 04/26/2010 14:39:22

I walked into Hadley’s office at a very young and formative age. It took about three key sentences from her and I knew she would change my life. I consider Hadley to be one of the most important and influential people on this planet and certainly in the top two of my world. Her integration of astrology and psychotherapy have shaped my life, her direct and sobering approach keeps me honest, her love for the individual and the collective continues to inspire me...I try to channel my "inner Hadley" everyday. There are truly not enough words to describe her impact. She is my guru.

Verlaine Crawford
Created On: 10/12/2009 16:25:50

Of all the people that I have met, which number in the thousands, Hadley Fitzgerald is one of most brilliant, insightful, and by far the most well-read human being I know. She combines her knowledge of astrology, psychology, mythology and extensive experience in counseling to assist each individual she counsels to rise above their limited emotional dramas and move into a true, healthy relationship with themselves and others.

Hadley has helped me through many "soul-wrenching" experiences over the years since we first met on a terrace in Bali during an Earth Day conference. Her wisdom and understanding have guided me through career changes, a divorce, family upsets, accidents and illnesses, years of co-dependency and general confusion into a life that is stable, peaceful, abundant and joyful, even during these uncertain times. Her yearly astrological readings of the energetic transitions that I would be facing in the near and distant future have given me a grounding and prepared me to move more easily though transitions that have been deep and life-changing. I highly recommend Hadley as a coach, confidant and counselor who will be the closest person you will find to a physical Guardian Angel living on this planet. She can help you, your family, friends and co-workers to live harmoniously in alignment with the Universal Flow.

Created On: 10/05/2009 10:21:03

I wanted to share with you about the recent victorious resolution regarding my employee status at my company—and moving on with my life. I went back and read the notes I took at our session last September, and it was interesting that of the many, many dates you highlighted
over the course of the session, one ten-day period stood out. So I was—and wasn’t—surprised that the business meeting ended up being postponed (3 weeks!) till that time. It turned out to be the right timing for me, as I went in last Thursday feeling quite empowered and mentally prepared because of what we’d discussed. Of course I also lined up with my higher self to be in sync with the universe—and it all went my way, which means I received reasonable compensation out of the situation, something fairly unheard of for this company. And of course, it was a moral victory, what I characterize as “Integrity wins over mean-spiritedness." The two-year stand off is over, and I won !!! I now move on free & clear, as well as having completely earned the benefits due me, etc. etc.

Our session helped me so much. Thanks for being an important source of support in my preparation to “fight city hall.” I’m so happy to report this.

Shawna Reininger
Created On: 10/01/2009 12:03:29

I have been working with Hadley Fitzgerald for more than 15 years, and I continue to value her for her excellent guidance and assistance in navigating through the most joyous and most challenging times of my life. I have always come away with the validation, tools and information I need to access my own wisdom and strength. She helps to bring into full awareness what I know I need to do to make the best possible decisions for my life's journey.

Created On: 09/15/2009 11:08:15

This amazing woman gives the clearest, most professional insights of anyone I have ever known.

A reading from Hadley is a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones. Several friends and I are clients of Hadley’s and we can each attest to her being the “best of the best.” She is brilliantly uncanny at mapping the choices, emotional issues, and opportunities for expression, expansion and evolution of the soul on its journey through this life and/or in the cycles just ahead of you.

Cheryl Grace
Created On: 09/12/2009 10:10:08

I was referred to Hadley by a friend after the sudden death of my best friend. Hadley gently helped me through a difficult time with her expert and intuitive knowledge of astrology. For 10 years I have consulted with Hadley for strategic guidance in business decisions, changes in career, and personal matters. There isn't a better mentor and advisor to skillfully guide you to reach your full potential. I'm such a fan, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

Karen Magarian
Created On: 09/01/2009 04:23:50

I feel an enormous sense of gratitude and appreciation for the depth of insight that Hadley Fitzgerald provides in her astrological consultations. While exploring natal and progressed charts, Hadley shares her appreciation for the art and root of language, of archetypes and knowledge of the psyche, in addition to her honed intuition. The integration of these skills help me to recognize the various layers and patterns at work in my life (including those which no longer serve me). Balancing wisdom, elegance and wonderful sense of humor, Hadley is a seasoned and trustworthy guide as I continue to navigate the challenges of “earth school” – which at times finds me kicking and screaming, but more often at peace and in harmony with the flow of life. I feel blessed to work with her.

Mary, Holistic Bodyworker
Created On: 08/23/2009 09:22:44

Working with Hadley is truly an experience that has changed and shaped my life. I started with a birthchart in 1994 and look forward every year to having my birthday reading with Hadley. I’ve discovered through the years that I find myself revisiting her words long after I’ve left our session. Hadley has a way of presenting her information in a clear, concise, narrative fashion rather than the mumbo jumbo jargon-packed way that many other astrologers out there do. Hadley is a gifted and skilled practitioner, and her work has been a tremendous support to me as I evolve on my path of discovery.