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Dena DeCastro
Evolutionary, Transpersonal, Western
Career, Electional or Good Timing, Family Dynamics, Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Forecast & Transits


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My Details

Esoteric Spirtuality, Past Lives, Depth Psychology
Dena DeCastro Astrology and Spiritual Mentoring
Please see my website for all reading descriptions and pricing.

All consultations are done via phone, Skype, or in-person if in the Portland area. An mp3 or CD recording and a printout or PDF file of all charts related to the session are included.
As a counseling astrologer, I use the symbols of the birth chart to help you find your place in the order of things. The birth chart is like a map of the psyche, and knowledge of your chart can offer you profound guidance on your journey toward living a fulfilling, soulful life. With a look at the current movements of the planets through your chart, I am also able to empower you with information about your upcoming opportunity periods, and can offer you strategies for those inevitable challenging periods that may be coming your way. Ultimately, I use the language of astrology to help you to more clearly see your unique path, allowing you to access your gifts and strengths.

My Training and Education

I received my formal astrological training through Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program, and I base my approach on the principles of Evolutionary Astrology. I hold two Master’s degrees: one in English from California State University Sacramento, and one in Interdisciplinary Studies from Marylhurst University. My coursework at Marylhurst included a study of spiritual traditions and Spiritual Direction. My thesis there focused upon the relationship between astrology, divination, and religion. I presented an academic paper on these themes at the Graduate Liberal Arts Symposium at Stanford University in June of 2008. I also completed my formal training and 2-year certification in Spiritual Direction at the Urban Spirituality Center, Portland in June of 2009.

Astrological Instruction

Putting my English degree to work, I became a part-time English Instructor in 1998. Throughout my years as a community college instructor, my experience in teaching theory has continued to inform my career as an astrological instructor. I teach astrology to small groups and individuals (both online and in person).


If you’d like to know more about me as a person and an astrologer, check out my free podcast through iTunes: "Evolutions of Astrology." The podcast features my interviews with astrologers on a variety of topics, as well as offering demonstrations of various chart-reading techniques.


Dena DeCastro


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Jillian Sheridan
Created On: 09/04/2010 14:45:34

I "discovered" Dena through her Evolutions of Astrology podcast on iTunes about two years ago. Shortly thereafter, I signed up for a 10-session tutorial with her that re-opened my eyes to the amazing art/science that is astrology. I cherish the knowledge that I've gained from every one of those sessions and, even today, still listen to the mp3 recordings and find myself formulating new insights.

What I adore about Dena is her incredibly clear, conscious and concise style of communication. She is so very present and attentive as a teacher. I had been studying astrology on-and-off for many years prior to working with her; however, straightaway, she seemed to intuit my level of understanding and fine-tuned her lessons to meet my needs.

Honestly, I cannot sing enough praise for Dena. If you sign up for a reading and/or several tutorial sessions with her, I'm sure she will fill your heart and mind as beautifully as she did mine!

Jillian J. Sheridan

Danny Cole
Created On: 09/03/2010 16:17:31

You all need to know about this wonderful astrologer, Dena DeCastro! I had not really thought much about an astrology reading in the past. Then, one day I received this very strong feeling that I needed a reading done. But the reading needed to be specific. I wanted to find an astrologer that could read karmic imprints into the chart. In other words, I wanted to know 'why am I here on the earth, in this lifetime?' What is my life purpose? So, I did extensive research on the internet and wasn't really finding what I was looking for. Finally, I came across Dena's profile and website. I had a good feeling this was the 'one.' I contacted her to ask if she could do karmic imprints in the chart. She said she does it all the time. Well, I went in for a reading and was thrilled with her and the info I received. Here is the actual email I sent her that same night when I got home:
Dear Dena,
I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful and very insightful reading. It touched my soul at a very deep level. To hear you explain to me exactly how I know myself to be and what my soul longs for in this lifetime was very healing. The way you read the karmic imprints within the chart was awesome! Also, I loved the info about 2010! I know what I feel inside and what my goals/dreams are, but just couldn't see the time frame. Thanks for using astrology to confirm that for me. Your knowledge, professionalism and intuitive sense in reading my chart, truly made for a miraculous and joyful time. I will share your website info with my email list and drum up some new business for you. You deserve it! Bless your heart and thanks again.


Addendum: I went in again for a second reading! She's awesome.

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