Dawn Bodrogi
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Dawn Bodrogi
Woodland Park


$125 for natal chart readings, 90 minutes. $75 follow up within a year.

$175 for synastry (relationship chart comparison), 90 minutes. More if more than two natal charts are involved.

$60 per hour personal tutoring or for specific questions.

All sessions are taped and a link to an mp3 sent to you after the session. CDs can be made for $5 extra.

From time to time, I schedule weeks for shorter, off the cuff readings for $45 (for 45 minutes). This allows those who can't afford the usual fee to have access to astrological guidance. Please email me for dates.
The best way to get to know me is to take a look at my astrology blog, The Inner Wheel: Living with Astrology. There is detailed biographical information there, articles on astrology and more information about my work and the classes I teach.

Please visit at the innerwheel.com




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Created On: 07/26/2016 08:38:43

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Neeti Ray
[email protected]
Created On: 08/17/2011 14:05:22

Something unique happens when a caring attitude combines with scholarly depth in an astrologer.

Dawn is one of the finest astrological scholars alive. She is also very kind and patient and well aware of human failings.

Her range of astrological knowledge is vast, it covers traditional astrology and reaches out to encompass asteroids. Whether it is a predictive reading you want, or a natal analyses or a relationship reading, she covers it in depth and helps you see things you didn't notice before.

She is one of my favorite astrologers. More, it is a privilege to read her work and interact with her both as a client and a student.

Hildy Maze
[email protected]
Created On: 02/18/2011 17:20:47

As a 25 year astrology student I can whole heartedly say Dawn is a master!
Her depth of understanding, precise awareness and intuition supports her vast and profound astrological clarity. She's done many, many readings for me; relationship Synastry, solar returns, secondary progressions, entire family astrological patterns, and of course natal. Her readings are absolutely accurate, supportive, full of realization that progressively unfold over time.
She juggles several charts at once, her specialty being Naiboid secondary progressions which make all the charts come alive at once. Dawn has a penetrating knowledge of psychology, archetypes and the evolutionary intent of one's life which she expresses eloquently, patiently,generously and directly.

Created On: 11/01/2009 11:28:48

I also met Dawn through an astrology board. I reached out to her for insight on a relationship but also, as a means of better understanding counselling methodology (at the time I was pondering whether to push my astrological studies further and become a professional astrologer). On both accounts I was not disappointed!

Dawn first asked for the requisite birth information for the synastry/relationship analysis and a few weeks later, after sending me some initial notes, we had a very interactive phone conversation during which I was able to dive deeper into the issues that confused me the most.

What I particularly appreciated was the fact that she was eloquent and inspirational in her analysis, but didn't sugar -coat things. This session helped me gain some much needed clarity and ultimately played a role in enabling me to move on from a relationship that had outlived its purpose. I also found her fee quite reasonable given the amount of pre-work involved.

Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D
[email protected]
Created On: 10/29/2009 13:18:39

I am a clinical psychologist, empiricist, and confirmed skeptic. I was initially attracted to astrology by the writings of Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., an internationally renowned parapsychological researcher. A more intense attraction developed by reading the work of the eminent psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. Jung represents the epitome of psychological thought, research, and practice. Based on his sensitivity, perceptiveness, depth, broad scope, and cross-cultural studies, he clarified and broadened the foundation of our understanding the human psyche. “Astrology,” he said, “is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

Consequently, in my personal exploration and testing of astrology, I had “blind” readings done by numerous astrologers. Many emphasized cause (planets) and effects (outcomes) in an overly simplistic way trying to answer equally simplistic questions. At the other pole, others drenched their practice in esoteric mysticism to such an extent that readings were confusing, generalized, and virtually useless. At both poles, personality distortions of the astrologer biased the readings they proffered.

Dawn Bodrogi is among the balanced, knowledgeable, well-grounded practitioners I met. A scholar, she is thoroughly professional, personable, caring, intelligent, and sensitive. This was apparent in our first contact.

As a psychologist, I was unnerved by astrologers hesitancy to refer clients with needs to other helping professionals beyond astrology. When faced with the need, Dawn will recommend professional counseling, whether for emotional, relationship or vocational reasons. This approach is also true to Jung, who used astrology to gain additional information in his studies of and psychological work with marital relationships.

I hope that I have made clear the basis for my relationship with astrology and its potential value—in the right hands--as a symbol system that may aid in personal evolution. In that respect, I have found Dawn Bodrogi to be talented and qualified to be of service to anyone wishing to explore this avenue.

Don Musser
[email protected]
Created On: 10/22/2009 22:40:47

i first became acquainted with Dawn thru an astrology board in 2006. her comments on that board were consistenly insightful and i eventually contacted her for some private sessions to work on my own chart and the charts of some friends and associates. from that first session all the way thru to the present day - i have noted an underlying sense of service to the wholesome evolution of her clients and students. she carries a broad and deep perspective on the human condition that is free from judgement of any sort. she will meet and reach for a client where ever they are at - and in so doing provide a true and undistorted reflection of the challenges being faced by each individual - as well as the gifts and the inherent potential for growth that accompany those challenges.

with my first session - i recieved a written overview of my chart that went into depths of my experience that i was just on the threshold of embracing and understanding. "just some notes" she called those first impressions and observations about my chart - but in hindsight they were an incredibly accurate road map for the intense transformational process that followed over the next several years. through out that period i had several more working sessions in which she introduced some of her methods for interpreting the progressed chart. my skills as an astrologer were facilitated along with my growth as a human being. Dawn is extremely generous with her astrological expertise - nothing is held back as she strives to empower her clients on their journey of Self actualization . i highly reccomend her services.
Don Musser
Silver City , New Mexico