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$125 for natal chart readings, 90 minutes. $75 follow up within a year.

$175 for synastry (relationship chart comparison), 90 minutes. More if more than two natal charts are involved.

$60 per hour personal tutoring or for specific questions.

All sessions are taped and a link to an mp3 sent to you after the session. CDs can be made for $5 extra.

From time to time, I schedule weeks for shorter, off the cuff readings for $45 (for 45 minutes). This allows those who can't afford the usual fee to have access to astrological guidance. Please email me for dates.
The best way to get to know me is to take a look at my astrology blog, The Inner Wheel: Living with Astrology. There is detailed biographical information there, articles on astrology and more information about my work and the classes I teach.

Please visit at the innerwheel.com




Dawn Bodrogi
Woodland Park

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