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Coaching for Clarity
*career coaching & astrology*

In our hour and a half astrology reading we will talk about your chart, focused on your career topic of interest. You will learn about the unique “fingerprint” of your birth chart and how the planets are interacting with that fingerprint right now.

You receive electronic and hard copies of your charts, and a chart outline that overviews current energies and dates for future reference. You will also receive email reminders of key dates going forward.

Aubrie De Clerck is a career coach with over 8 years experience in corporate, non-profit and education environments. In 2011, she completed an apprenticeship at The Alcyone School for Engaged Astrology to compliment to her coaching work. Aubrie was featured in Willamette Week’s 2012 Best of Portland as “Best Cosmic Career Coach” and named of one of the 100 Most Powerful Women 2007 by Northwest Women’s Journal. Aubrie is known for being highly inspirational and deeply practical - with an unending curiosity about people, and an innate capacity for supporting people in going after what brings them joy.
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Created On: 01/13/2015 13:14:43

I was very impressed with how Aubrie incorporated her skills as a life coach with her knowledge of astrology. She helped me understand a lot about myself. I was having some difficulty making some major career choices, and Aubrie's insight helped me sort it out.

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